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Ten Mile Association
Gallatin County, Kentucky
The Baptist Argus, 1898
      This body conveued on the 31 ult, with Pleasant Grove church some four miles out from Glencoe. Rev. L. Johnson was re-elected Moderator. The sessions were held in a grove. The attendance was phenomal. Refreshment stands abounded and did a thriving business. There were two or three Graphophones on the grouud and their proprietors seemed to do a rushing business. It was a veritable picnic and Association occasion combined. The intense heat and the dust added to the uncomfortableness of the situation. Dinner in abundance was served to the hoards of people. This Association is a small body composed of fifteen churches, none of which are very strong.

      It was our privilige to be present only at the last session of the body. Good interest and earnest speeches we understand marked all of their deliberations. Prof. J. J. Rucker of Georgetown, the senior editor of the "Kentucky Star," made a strong address to the report on temperance. Rev. D. Y. Bagby, agent of the Baptist Book Concern preached a strong sermon on the evening of the first days' session. The missionary sermon was preached by Rev. G. W. Hill. We reached the ground just in time to hear his peroration, We judge by what we heard that it was a strong and timely effort. Rev. J. A. Lee, of Covington, was a visitor. Brother Agee the clerk of Concord Association was also a visitor and preached at the Pleasant Grove church in the evening after the body closed its deliberations. By a vote the Association voted insruction to the chunches, where it may be entertained in the future arrange for the holding of the sessions in the church building. This we think is a step in the right direction.

      We enjoyed meeting the pastors and bretbren of this Association and are thankful for a good list of subscribers for the ARGUS.

      It was ours to present the claims of our Orphans' Home and take a cash collection and to preach to a large concourse of people at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

[From The Baptist Argus, September 8, 1898, p. 12. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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