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The Northbend Revival, 1910
Wm. J. Holtzclaw, D.D., Ph.D.

      WHAT is probably the greatest revival in the history of Northern Kentucky, and certainly the greatest among the Baptists of this part of the State, began on Sunday, November 20th, and continued in most of the churches for three weeks, closing December 11th.

      The revival is the result of a simultaneous movement with the nine Baptist churches of the cities of the “North Bend," or the cities just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

      The leader of the meetings was Dr. Weston Bruner, General Evangelist of the Home Mission Board, who proved himself to be a great leader as well as a great preacher. No exponent of the gospel has ever more effectually won the hearts of the people of these cities. The great crowds that attended the meetings in the churches and in those held on the streets, and the large ingatherings to the churches convinced all that the Lord will bless faithful efforts in the hardest of fields.

      The results of the meetings were 264 additions to the churches, divided as follows: First church, Covington, 59; Southside, Covington, 45; Madison Avenue, Covington, 40; First church, Dayton, 35; First church Ludlow, 28; Immanuel, Covington, 26; First church, Newport, 15; First church, Latonia, 12; and First church, Belleview [Bellevue], 4.

      The evangelists who assisted In the meetings were: Brethren Weston Bruner, at the First church, Covington; H. A. Hunt. Madison Avenue, Covington; H. R. Holcomb, Southside; J. T. Riddick, Immanuel, Covington; L. W. Doglan, First church, Newport; Robt H. Tolles, the pastor, First church, Dayton; John M. Anderson, First church, Belleview [Bellevue]; C. F. J. Tate, First church Latonia,

      The singers who came with the evangelists, and who did so much toward making the meetings a success, were I. E. Reynolds and Edwin Temple.

      The effect of these meetings will last for months to come and may reach into years, and the churches will continue to reap from the faithful sowing of the word. The prayers of these churches and their pastors will follow the evangelists that the Lord may bless them in other fields as he has in these.


[From Victor I Masters, editor, The Home Field Magazine, January, 1911, p. 25; via Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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