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Ordination of Rev. Elmer Lucas
The Baptist Argus, 1908
      On Saturday, April 18, 1908, at 3 p. m., a number of brethren responding to a call of the First Baptist church of met for the purpose of examining Bro. Elmer Lucas with a view to his fitness for the work of the Christian ministry. A presbytery was formed by electing Rev. W. M. Wood, pastor of said church, chairman, and J. Theodore Bowden, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, secretary. The pastor and representative deacons from the various Baptist churches of Covington composed the examining council. The examination conducted by the chairman was of a very high order. All being fully satisfied as to the worthiness of this most excellent young man, it was heartily recommended that the church proceed with his ordination. The public services connected with the ordination took place in the auditorium of the First church before a large and appreciative audience at 3 o’clock, Sunday afternoon. Rev. T. C. Ecton preached the sermon, Rev. A. Logan Vickers, presented the Bible, a most excellent copy, given by the church as a token of affection; Rev. J. W. Beagle gave the charge, and Rev. W. M. Wood made the ordaining prayer. Rev. C. E. Ellis, pastor of the Latonia Baptist church, assisted in the services. Rev. Elmer Lucas pronounced the benediction.

      Bro. Lucas is attending Georgetown College and has been called to the pastorial care of Allensville Baptist Church. He is a most worthy young man and is heartily recommended to our brotherhood of the faith.
          J. THEODORE BOWDEN, Secretary.
     Covington, Ky.


[From The Baptist Argus, 1908, April 30, p. 12; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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