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"Encouraging" Tennessee Baptist, July 26, 1849, p. 2.
Association News
      We find many things—almost every thing encouraging. The subscription of the Tennessee Baptist is swelling, most rapidly. We order on additional quires [bundles of paper] weekly, and still our papers almost every week fall short! Over a 100 new names either good, or catch up subscribers have been entered within the last three weeks, they are coming in by churches—as for instance, this we have just received, seven names from Hopewell church in the Bethel Association [KY-TN]. Bro. Balder is the pastor—we put his name upon our gratis list, as we will the name of the pastor or member of any church that will send us five new subscribers, accompanied with the money, in advance. But better still, Old Hopewell, bro. Perry, who sends these subscribers, informs us, will represent herself in the next General Association, and from some hints in the letter, she has, we strongly suspect been doing something for our Domestic Mission—good all good—success to bro. Perry. We hope bro. Baldry, Williams, Nixon, and others from Bethel will not fail to meet their brethren in Middle Tennessee and North Alabama, in the Association.

[Bethel is now Logan-Todd Baptist Association (KY). Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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