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History of Logan County (KY) Baptist Association
By Frank M. Masters
      The Logan County Association was constituted at the 44th annual session of the Clear Fork Association held with the Green Ridge Baptist Church, Logan County, August 11-12, 1903. The following resolution declares the end of Clear Fork Association and the beginning of Logan County: "Resolved that Article I of our constitution be amended by striking out 'Clear Fork' and submitting, 'Logan County' in the room thereof." An amendment was added "that the change in the name of this body shall take effect with the closing benediction of this annual meeting."

      The new Logan County Association met in the first annual session, Tuesday, August 16, 1904, with the Bethlehem Church at Homer, Logan County. The following churches were represented by messengers: Antioch, J. E. Baggett, pastor; Bethlehem and Elk Lick, J. R. Kennerly, pastor; Belleview and Mount Tabor, T. T. Powell; Cave Spring, no pastor; Center, New Hope and Pleasant Hill, A. B. Dorris; Clear Fork, in Warren County, A. B. Gardner; Epley and Gupton's Grove; G. W. Milam; Gum Grove, in Christian County, J. R. Ford; Green Ridge, E. F. Adams; Liberty, J. E. Baird; Mt. Pleasant, A. C. Dorris; New Friendship, A. B. Gardner; New Cedar Grove, M. M. Hall; Oak Grove, J. E. Bruce; and White Oak Grove, J. P. Clevenger.

      These twenty churches reported a total of 1963 members. The Association was organized by electing Elder M. M. Hall, Moderator, H. K. Nelson, Clerk, and D. P. Browning, Treasurer. The introductory sermon was preached by Elder J. R. Kennerly. The Executive Board contracted with Elder J. W. Bodine for the Colporter's work at $1.00 per day. Dr. W. P. Harvey, Louisville, represented the Western Recorder.

      The second annual session of the Association met with New Friendship Church, August 15, 1905. Elder A. C. Dorris was elected Moderator and also preached the introductory sermon. Nineteen churches were represented, reporting 1642 members, $1064.75, contributed for current expenses, and $788.06 for missions. The session of 1913 was held with the Antioch Church, in Todd County. The twenty-two churches represented, numbered 2072 members.

      The church at Lewisburg constituted June 18, 1901 was received in 1912 from Bethel Association, with which the church had been affiliated since 1909. During the year 1914, the Mt. Pleasant Church, constituted in 1822 moved to Lewisburg to unite with the church in that town to form a new church organization to be styled "The Lewisburg-Mt. Pleasant Church." Elder G. H. Lawrence was called to be pastor of the new church and led in the erection of a commodious house of worship, which was dedicated, Sunday, May 11, 1919.

      The Logan County Association, though composed of rural churches, has experienced a prosperous, harmonious history. A number of beloved brethren have served as Moderator, but no one has served longer than four years. Elder E. F. Johnson served as Clerk from 1920 to 1935, a period of fifteen years. The session of 1948 was held with the Pleasant Hill Church, August 11-12, M. K. Rice, pastor. Twenty-two churches, reported a total of 3345 members, and 1728 pupils enrolled in the Sunday schools. The Lewisburg-Mt. Pleasant church was the largest, reporting 352 members and E. E. Spickard, pastor.*
* Browning, D. P., One Hundred Years of Church History, 1922; Minutes of Clear Fork Association of Baptists, 1906. p. 6; Minutes of Logan County Association of Baptists, 1904, 1905, 1912, 1913; Minutes of the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky, 1948.


[From Frank M. Masters, A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, pp. 493-494. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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