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Bethel College, Russellville, KY
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James M. Pendleton Helped found Bethel College.

      In 1850 Pendleton accepted a call to a church in Russellville, Kentucky, where he helped found Bethel College. While he was there in 1851 Cassius M. Clay ran for governor in Kentucky on an antislavery ticket. Pendleton voted against him, but Pendleton was later informed that a Baptist colleague travelled across the state to Russellville to examine the poll-books to see if he voted the antislavery ticket. After a year in Russellville, Pendleton returned to Bowling Green where he remained until the close of 1856. During the years between 1850 and 1856, Pendleton spent much time visiting in other churches as a revivalist.

[From Victor B. Howard, "James Madison Pendleton: A Southern Crusader Against Slavery", The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, July, 1976, p. 204.

      Noah K. Davis, who served as a President of Bethel College in Russellville, KY, (1868-1873) was J. L. Dagg’s stepson. Dagg was a prominent Southern Baptist pastor and theologian. Davis' father died when he was only a few months old, so Dagg was the only father that Davis ever knew. Davis graduated from Mercer University in 1849. He reorganized Bethel College, enlarged its curriculum, raised the standard of scholarship, and thus placed the college on a level with other similar institutions in the country. [The Baptist Encyclopedia]


      Bethel College, Russellville. Ky., begins the new year by sending us the first display school advertisement for the season of 1891, also the first entry for our new School Directory.

      Bethel reports a gift of five hundred dollars from Mrs. I. N. Walton, of Todd county, Ky., for the purchase of new books for the college library. The money she has placed in the hands of her former Pastor, Rev. J . D. Jordan, who, aided by a committee of the faculty, will select and purchase the books. A new tower has been added to the main building, with a clock and bell. Both main building and boarding hall have been repainted and otherwise improved.

      The session has been prosperous and encouraging, the attendance to date having exceeded the entire attendance of last year.

[From Baptist and Reflector, January, l , 1891, p. 12.]

Western Kentucky Baptist Assembly, 1923, meets at Bethel College, Russellville, KY.

Additional random info:
     Dr. W. S. Ryland, a man of rare force and grace of character, died at his home in Russellville, January 9, 1906 at the age of seventy years. He came to Bethel College, Russellville, in 1880, as Professor of Science, and was chosen President of the College in 1888. He continued in that position until June 1898, when, on account of failing health, he resigned. Dr. Ryland being a native of Virginia, graduated from Richmond College in 1855; and also from Rochester Theological Seminary in 1858. After leaving Bethel College, this devoted brother preached to nearby country churches as long as health permitted. Through all the years with Bethel College he was a leader in Bethel Association as Moderator, and in other capacities.
[From Masters, A History of Kentucky Baptists, p. 454.]
     F. D. Perkins resigned the presidency of Bethel College, Russellville, to succeed Dr. M. B. Adams as secretary of the Education Society. H. G. Brownell, became President of Bethel, succeeding F. D. Perkins.
[From Masters, p. 463]

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