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Bethel Association, 1835
The Baptist newspaper

      By the kind attention of brother C. W. Sayle, we are in possession of the proceedings of the eleventh annual meeting of the Bethel Association. This association is partly in Tennessee, and partly in Kentucky. The session was held with the Church at Union, Logan County. Ky. 26, 27 and 28th September, 1835. This Association numbers 27 churches, five of which were received at this session, 2,228 members, and 13 ordained ministers. The Churches report 105 baptized, 50 received by letter, and 5 restored, making an aggregate increase of 160, they dismissed 133, excluded 23 and 40 are dead, diminishing their number 196. It will be seen by comparing these numbers that notwithstanding a large addition, their decrease has been so great, principally from dismission, that they number 30 less this year than last.

      We perceive that this association is an effort body, and they appear to be actively engaged in, perhaps, in the present crisis, the most important of all our enterprises, ministerial education. The 6, 7 and 8th articles in the minutes before us read thus - "Appointed brethren Burks and Hail a committee to receive the funds sent up (by the Churches) for education purposes, who reported the sum of $66.87 1/2 - Resolved that brother J. D. Burks be appointed Treasurer of the Education Fund and that he take charge of all monies contributed for that object, and that he pay over the same to the order of the Board of Trustees. On motion, appointed R. Ross, W. Warder, R. Rutherford, R. T. Anderson, D. J. Burkes, W. Sandy, J. Pendleton, J. Mallory, N. Pegram, W. J. Morton, T. Grubbs, G. Brown, J. M. Pendleton, A. Webber, J. Hail, W. C. Warfield (since dead), H. Boone, D. W. Poor, O. H. Morrow, J. P. Graves, and R. W. Nixon, Trustees for the Education Society, who are authorized to choose their own officers, and distribute the funds for the purposes intended. They shall keep a record (of their proceedings!), and make a report to the Association at each annual session. Seven members shall be sufficient to form a quorum." Well done, Bethel! Really in this part of the country it is refreshing to see such proceedings This is a noble example. Will no other association follow!

      Their next meeting is to be held at Hopewell Church, Robertson county, Tenn. to commence on Saturday preceding the fourth Lord's day in September, I836. Elder Pendleton to preach the introductory.


[From The Baptist newspaper, 1836; CD edition. Bethel is now Logan-Todd Baptist Association (KY). Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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