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Bethel Baptist Association (KY)
The Baptist newspaper
      We have received the Minutes of the thirteenth session of this body, which was held at Mt. Zion, Todd County Ky., on the 23d, 24th and 25th days of Sept. 1837

      The introductory sermon was delivered on Saturday, by Robert Anderson, from Titus ii. 14.

      Elder Reuben Ross was moderator.

The number of baptisms during the last year is
Received by letter           86
Dismissed                    97
Restored                      4
Excluded                     18
Deceased                     25?                 
Total                     2,608 

      We copy from the proceedings the following items.

      "Attended to the requests of P. Grove and Hopkinsville Churches - the subject of A. and F. B. Society, and passed the following resolutions:

      1st. Resolved, That we cordially approve of the late organization of the American and Foreign Bible Society, which we regard as constituted in obedience to the providence of God, calling our denomination to endeavor, by unfettered and untrammelled action, to give the Bible, in true and faithful versions unto all the nations of the earth. For, the field is the world.

      2nd Resolved, That the formation of Bible Societies, auxillary to the A. and B. F. Society, be recommended to each Church within the bounds of this Association.

      3rd Resolved, That we think it inexpedient at this time to appoint an Agent to visit the Churches in our body, to explain the objects of the A. and F. B. Society, as recommended by the Hopkinsville Church."


[From The Baptist, 1838; CD edition. Bethel is now Logan-Todd Baptist Association (KY). Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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