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     The document shows the activities of Baptist churches and pastors of the Louisville area in the early 20th century.
Louisville and Vicinity
Pastors’ Conference
From The Baptist World, 1913

Rev. W. W. Landrum in the chair.
Rev. C. B. Althoff secretary.

      Missionary J. Valmore Turner was welcomed. He said: "I returned from China to Arkansas two months ago. I have lectured on China daily in Arkansas since I returned up to last week. I came to re-enter the Seminary. It has been four years since I was here in conference and Seminary. Great things are going on in China. In our North China mission two years ago we had about 2,500 members; now we have 6,000. One church in Pingtu had 264 baptisms the first five months this year."

      Rev. Joseph Rosenthal, leader of a Jewish mission in Memphis for four years, has come to Louisville and proposes to a establish a mission here. The conference appointed a committee to confer with him.

      Walnut Street: Byron H. DeMent supplied "Through Death to Life", John 12:24-26, 32; "After Death – What? Job 14:14, Hebrews 9:27. By letter 5.

      Broadway: Pastor W. W. Landrum, "Ideal Democracy", Psalm 33:4; "Sinners Contradicting Christ", Hebrews 12:3, For baptism 1, baptized 2. S. S. attendance, 300. Reception to students next Friday night.

      Baptist Tabernacle: Pastor Wallace Wear, "Israel’s Mistake"; "Not Far From the Kingdom", Mark 12:34. For baptism 1, received under watchcare 3, baptized 2. S. attendance, 533.

      Fourth Avenue: Pastor W. G. Everson, "The Sin of Unbelief in the Church", Mark 6:5, 6; "Strange Events", Luke 5:1-26. By letter 1, received under watchcare 1, for baptism 4, baptized 4. S. S. attendance, 208. There was a very marked increase in the congregation and the outlook is truly inspiring.

      Highland: Pastor A. Paul Bagby, "Promotion Day in the Sunday School"; "Man's Deepest Need", Job 9:33. S. S. attendance, 233.

      Parkland: Pastor A. L. Crawley. S. S. attendance, 282. Bro. Will J. Ray, of Alabama, is with us for a two weeks' meeting. The beginning yesterday was propitious. Come and be with us.

      Third Avenue: Pastor S. J. Cannon, "Jesus", Matthew 1:21; "Home", Luke 9: 58. By letter 5, for baptism 3, baptized 4. S. S. 348. Yesterday was "home-coming day" and we had a good time.

      Weaver Memorial: Pastor J. C. Grreno, "My Father's Business", Luke 2:49; "The Devil's Business", Luke 4:3. By letter 3, for baptism 1.

      Ormsby Avenue: Pastor G. D. Billeisen, "The Angelic Messenger", Luke 1:11; "A Heart Purpose", Daniel 1:18; By letter 1, for baptism 1. S. S. attendance, 201. We begin a two weeks' meeting next Sunday, Bro. J. N. Binford, assisting.

      Clifton: Pastor Jas. A. Clarke, "Peter on Fire", Acts 2:3; "Using the Sacred Name in the Wrong Way", Exodus 3:7. S. S. attendance, 238. Evangelist T. T. Martin begins a two weeks' meeting with us October 14th. Yesterday the Clarke's men's Bible class decided to have Rev. E. S. Loux to represent us as a missionary at Utica, Indiana.

      Immanuel: Pastor J. N. Binford, "Test of Discipleship", John 8:31; "Sin a Disease", 2 Kings 7:3. By letter 4, by relation 1, for baptism 8. S. S. attendance, 285; Fisher Ave., 67. Preaching by T. H. Binford, of Charleston, W. Va. Services each night this week. Pray for us. Visit us.

      West Broadway: Pastor W. W. Willian, "The Unrecognized Christ", John 14:9; "The Profit of Godliness", 1 Timothy 4:8. By letter 2. S. S. attendance, 147.

      Calvary: Pastor J. G. Bow, "The Divine Glory of the Divine Christ", John 1:14; "Eternal Life Obtained Only by Coming to Christ", John 5:40. By letter 1. S. S. attendance, 206.

      Deer Park: Pastor R. L. Shirley, "Missions and Tithing", Acts 1:8; "The Progress and Result of a True Revival", Acts 19:20. S. S. attendance, 174. Judge J. J. Gentry spoke at the morning hour. He gave a stirring message to our people. Our meetings began Sunday, October 5. Dr. C. V. Cook, of Danville, Ky., will be with us.

      Thirty-sixth and Grand: Pastor Dobbins is away in a meeting. M. M. McFarland supplied, "Christian Meekness", Matthew 5:5; "Zaccheus' Triumph", Luke 19:8. S. S. attendance, 120.

      Thirteenth and Kentucky: B. F. Petty supplied, "The Growth and Power of the Kingdom", Ezekiel 47:9; Bearing a Message Home"; Mark 5:19.

      Carlisle Avenue: Pastor F. P. Gates, "The Bitter Waters", Exodus 15:23-25; "Unity", Mark 2:3. By letter 1. S. S. attendance, 120.

      Bethel: Pastor Wm. M. Bruce. "The Shepherd", John 10:14; "The Sheep", Isaiah 53:6. By relation 1, received under watchcare 2. S. S. attendance, 92.

      Little Flock: A. J. Smith, of Georgia, supplied, "Pharaoh vs. Moses"; "Symetrical Benevolences". Miss Sallie Priest, a missionary from China, spoke at the evening services. Good service.

      Meadow Home: Pastor G. W. Sadler, "Seeing Jesus", Judges 12:21; "The Great Gain but the Greater Loss", Matthew 16:26. For baptism 2. S. S. attendance 47. We closed a ten days' meeting on Wednesday night. The pastor did the preaching. J. W. Gardner led the singing. As a partial result there were 11 additions to the church. The revival continues; 2 confessed Christ last evening.

      Beechland: Pastor C. H. Cosby, "Conformity to Christ's Whole Life", Philippians 3:10; "Prayer". Bro. Cosby has accepted the work at Beechland and began his work yesterday with a series of evangelistic meetings will continue two weeks.

      Hazelwood: Pastor C. B. Althoff, "Peter Delivered From Prison", Acts 12th chapter; "The Ethiopian Eunuch", Acts 8:26-40. S. S. attendance, 85.

      East Meade: Pastor D. L. Hill, "Christ's Commission to a Young Christian", Mark. 5:119 [sic]. Baptism service took the place of regular preaching service. For baptism 1, baptized 6. S. S. attendance, 115. We had an unusually interesting and profitable day. We organized a young women's auxiliary, and our work generally has an upward look.

      Hope Rescue Mission: Wm. M. Bruce superintendent. Work at mission is increasing; 6 conversions during week; good service at workhouse; attendance, 130. We need clothing very much.


[From The Baptist World October 9, 1913. p. 12, via Baylor U. digital collection. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]