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Louisville and Vicinity Pastors' Conference
From The Baptist World, 1912
G. W. Argabrlte presided.

J. N. Binford was chosen temporary secretary.

Evangelist Mordecai Ham sang, on request, a delightful solo.

The new member, Millard A. Jenkens, was welcomed with handclappings, and Henry Alford Porter was asked to speak words of welcome, which proved gracious and appreciative.

W. M. Bruce reported being at Winona Bible Conference, and that Prof. A. T. Robertson had a notable reception and his three lectures were heard by growing audiences. He was engaged to return next year.

J. M. Fowler reported spending a summer of strenuous work holding meetings and speaking at mission institutes and filling his regular engagements.

Rev. E. J. Smith concluded his summer supply at Broadway, a most acceptable supply. Pastor Landrum will be home this week.

Walnut Street: Pastor Henry Alford Porter, "The Life That Lifts", Galatians 6:2; "As They Went", Luke 17:14. Seven by letter, 1 by relation, 2 baptized. S. S., 319.

Immanuel: Pastor J. N. Binford, "Thomas"; "The Christian Hope", Romans 12:12. S. S., 279. Fisher Avenue Mission, 67.

Baptist Tabernacle: Pastor Wallace Wear, "Conditions of Decipleship" [sic], Matthew 16:24. "Christ’s Prayer", John 17th chapter. One by letter, 1 by relation. S.S. 448.

Twenty-second and Walnut Street: Pastor Millard A. Jenkens, "Failures and Successes In Modern Church Life", John 15:16; "Winning the Masses", Luke 14:23. One by letter. S. S., 606.
Great congregations greeted the pastor, who comes temporarily, looking to a permanent acceptance of the care at the end of six months, if that length of time proves the wisdom of it. Wednesday evening there will be a house-warming when plans for fall and winter work wall be exploited.

Parkland: Pastor A. L. Crawley, "Words of Salvation", Acts 11:14; "The Heart in Religion", Colossians 3:23. S. S., 261. The pastor leaves today for a two weeks’ meeting with Pastor E. L. Ackiss, of Salvisa, Ky.

West Broadway: Pastor W. W. Willian, "Training the Children", Proverbs 22: 6; "One Thing Thou Lackest", Mark 10:21. S. S., 102.

Third Avenue: Pastor S. J. Cannon, "Love", Ephesians 5:1, 2; "Fear", Ecclesiastes 12:13. One for baptism, 1 by letter. S. S., 206.
Long Run Association meets with Third Avenue, September 18 and 19, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Messengers and visitors, both men and women, are cordially invited. Dinner in the basement both days for all in attendance, and ample room in our homes for all out-of-town people to stay at night. We are planning a big mass meeting for Wednesday night in the interest of our associational work. Come, brethren and sisters, we want you.

Oakdale: Pastor S. P. Morris, "The Call of the Hour", Deuteronomy 1:21; "The Prodigal Son", Luke 15:17ff.
Revival services continued during the week, pastor doing the preaching and Rev. J. W. Pearce leading the singing. Three received for baptism and baptized. S. S., 110.

Culbertson Avenue (New Albany): Pastor W. R. Seymore, "How to Enrich Our Sabbaths"; "What the Unbeliever Has." One for baptism. S. S., 122.

East: Pastor H. M. Bell, "The Refiner's Fire", Malachi 3; "Christ Among the Churches", Revelation 1. S. S., 87.

Crescent Hill: Pastor J. F. Griffith, "God's Care For Us", Romans 8:31; John 1:29. S. S., 184. H. C. McGill supplied at both hours. Pastor Griffith has led this church to do a very substantial work.

Ormsby Avenue: Pastor Geo. D. Billeisen, "Laborers With God", Matthew 20:4; "Power to Forgive Sin", Matthew 9:6. Three by letter, 1 by relation. S. S., 190.

Franklin Street: Pastor G. W. Argabrite, "The Danger of Delay", Proverbs 29:1; "God's Protecting Hand", Ezra 8:22. Three by letter, 1 for baptism. S. S., 109.

Hope Rescue Mission: Superintendent Wm. M. Bruce. Bible class attendance, 18. Subject, Matt. 9:35 to 10:15. Splendid service at workhouse. Attendance, 212. Text, Hebrews 11:40. The outlook is for a greater and better work than ever this coming season.


[From The Baptist World, September 12, 1912, p. 12; via Baylor U. digital edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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