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Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
Henderson County, KY
The Baptist newspaper, 1869
      BRO. GRAVES: - I have just returned from Pleasant Valley, a newly constituted church in this (Henderson) county, where we have had a most precious meeting of several days. The Lord was with us indeed. There were fourteen persons approved for baptism, the greater number of whom were heads of families and prominent citizens in the community. I baptized twelve of the candidates yesterday morning, after removing the ice from the water. Among the number baptized were three Methodists, two of whom, husband and wife, were pretty well advanced in years; the husband being sixty, and the wife fifty-seven years old.

      The church has been greatly strengthened and encouraged, and we know not how thankful to be.

      Elder W. H. Dawson, a brilliant and pious young preacher, assisted me in the meeting. The doctrines of the New Testament were preached with great plainness. Elder T. L. Brooks was also with us several days, but did not preach.

      This church was constituted less than six months ago, with twelve members. I have supplied them with evening preaching once a month up to the present time, and the church now numbers thirty-two members, and has a good influence in the community. Most all of my preaching has been of a doctrinal character. The doctrine of the Baptist Church is as good protracted meeting preaching as I want.
          A. J. MILLER.
          Hebbardsville, Ky, Feb. 1, 1869.


[From The Baptist, Memphis, February 20, 1869; CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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