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The Gilead Baptist Church located near Glendale,
Hardin County, Kentucky
O. C. Cash, Compiler, 1947


      In 1924 a committee, W. T. Overall, James Sochacklette, and M. George Moore, was appointed by Gilead Church to write a brief history of the church on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of its founding. It is stated in this sketch that records of the church Clerk's Book, etc., for the period 1824-1850 had been lost and that data for that period were limited and had been secured from other sources.



     The material in the book that follows, for many pages, is a rather disjointed bio of Warren Cash, an ancestor of the author. That segment is under the "Baptist Bios" section.

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[From the Churchbook]

      September 1841. The Gilead Church met according to adjournment and after the usual solemnities proceeded to business. 1st. The reference of last meeting was taken up and the Brethren being present who were appointed to see Bro. Duvall and Jesse Bland stated they had done so and had received no satisfaction from either of them. We therefore say by active vote they are no longer members or under our care. And likewise we consider old Sister Gunterman no longer under our watch care for having joined the Regular Baptist Church. 2nd. The church agreed to have all the members' names enrolled on the church book in this day’s record. 3rd. The church appropriated 75c [cents] for Minutes of the next Association. 4th. Sarah Shepherd received by experience for baptism. 5th. On motion and second the church agrees to ask the Association for a union meeting to be holden in July next. 6th. On a reference, We of the committee appointed by the Gilead Church to examine the church book and correct such errors and mistakes as they might find, and according to said order did meet at the house of A. S. Perry on the 23rd day of August 1841, and made the examination and as far as was in our power did make such corrections as were necessary or practicable.

          James Hall     Wm. Jackson
          Wm. Mount     A. S. Perry
          Abraham Cash                    Committee

A list ot the members' names now belonging to Gilead Church:

No. Name                Notations
1 James Nall, Pastor     Dead June 4 1842
2 William Mount, Deacon
3 Abraham Cash     Dismissed by letter.
4 Anderson Dorsey
5 William Jackson
6 Stawther Jackson      Dismissed by letter in '49.
7 A. S. Perry      Dismissed by letter.
8 Eliza Bland      Excluded for non-attendance 1860.
9 Ruth Vanmetre      Dead 1860.
10 Sarah Hundley       Dismissed by letter.
11 Amanda Nall      Dismissed by letter.
12 Elisabeth Nall      Dismissed by letter.
13 Mary Bird      Dismissed by letter.
14 Martha Lee      Excluded having joined the Methodists.
15 Francia Hix      Dead
16 Eleanor Waggoner      Dead
17 Mary Jeffries      Dead
18 Hannah Jackson     Dead
19 Amelia Shepherd      Dismissed by letter.
20 Margaret English     Dead 1868
21 Katharine Mount
22 Susan Dorsey       Dismissed by letter.
23 Sarah Dorsey      Dead.
24 Mary, a woman of color      Belongs to B. English
25 Malinda, a woman of
color      Sold. Belonged to Mr. Bland.
26 Rebecca Green     Dead.
27 Sarah Shepherd      Dismissed by letter.
28 Elizabeth Harned     Received by letter. Dismissed by letter.
29 Fidelia Simmons      Received by letter.
30 Lydia W. Perry     Received by letter in 1842. Dismissed by letter.

     (I have made the headings above, to-wit. "Name" and "Notations". The notations following the names were made in a different handwriting and apparently were entered from time to time after September 1841, probably extending down past the year 1860. - OCC)

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[From the Churchbook; via The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Archives, E-Text Collection, provided by archivist Adam Winters. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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