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State of the Churches of the Elkhorn Baptist Association in 1845

Bryant's Station Baptist Church
Fayette County, Kentucky

      The word of God was preached here long ago, with power, and many were added to the Lord. The spirit of division finally separated them into two parties, worshipping in the same house, one party fraternizing with the anti-missionary Baptists. Since the separation, the church connected with our body has enjoyed much peace. They expressed gratitude to God for his long continued favors to them as a church, and earnest prayers for the spread of the gospel: while they invite the ministering brethren generally to visit them, and preach for them. Days of preaching, 4th Saturday and Lord's day.
Edward Darneby, Pastor.

David's Fork Baptist Church
Fayette County, Kentucky

      This largest of our churches (except for the Lexington, African) enjoys uniterrupted peace; but complains of great sorrow in view of the languid state of Zion generally. The brethren express a hope tha the "exhortation of the Pastor to persevere in the work of the Lord, will soon be followed by a rich blessing. Preaching twice a month, and prayer meeting every Wednesday evening.
R. T. Dillard, Pastor.

First Baptist Church

      This Church informs us that her Pastor, W. F. Broaddus, has resigned, having removed from the city, and that brother W. M. Pratt has accepted the pastoral charge. Embarrassing questions have arisen among them, but they have been disposed of, and passed away, and the Church now enjoys comparative peace. We have aided (say they) with our substance, in carrying forward the missions to foreign lands, to the Western Indians, and amongst ourselves. This Church is actively engaged in works of benevolence. They have preaching every Lord's day - two weekly prayer meetings. The monthly concert is regularly observed, and contributions constantly made for the spread of the Gospel. The SAbbath school numbres 130, and is regularly increasing. The Library contains 700 volumes. Fifty copies of the "Youth's Penny Gazette" are gratuitously circulated in the Sabbath school every two weeks. On the whole, this Church appears to be actively engaged in Gospel labors. Preaching every Lord's day.
William M. Pratt, Pastor.

First African Church

      This is the largest Baptist Church in Kentucky. The Pastor, Elder London Ferrell, a colord man, is highly esteemed, and labors with great success. The Church enjoys peace and prosperity. Preaching every Lord's day, with weekly prayer meetings - London Ferrell, Pastor. The Church is auxiliary to the 1st Baptist Church.

Pleasant Green African Church

      This is a small body of colored brethren, also auxiliary to the 1st Baptist Church. They are without a Pastor; their former preacher, brother January, having died. They are likely to do well.


[From Ira (Jack) Birdwhistell, The Baptists of the Bluegrass: A History of Elkhorn Baptist Association, 1785-1985, Appendix II, pp. 133-135. The source for this is the Elkhorn Circular Letter by W. F. Broaddus, 1845. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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