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Pastors of Bryan Station Baptist Church
Lexington, Kentucky

      Ambrose Dudley, noted Revolutionary War officer and pioneer preacher, was the first regular pastor of Bryan's (Bryant's) Station Church, serving from 1786 until 1809. Other early pastors were Jeremiah Vardaman, 1811-30; B. E. Allen, 1861-67; J. B. Tharp, 1870-72; Robert Ryland, 1875-76; John C. Freeman, 1878-83; 1885-90; T. P. Stafford, 1892-93; W. W. Lee, 1897; A. J. Moseley, 1898 and W. J. Ray, 1900.

      Latter-day ministers include W. P. Stuart, J. H. Wells, Charles Graham, T. L. Wiggingham, Thomas C. Smith, B. M. Shouse, O. F. Baxter, R. L. Kerrick, Howard M. Patton (1931- ), Richard Martin, J. R. Masterson, Alfred M. Gormley and Brent Spears.

[From Sunday Herald-Leader, March 14, 1965 - The "Historic Kentucky" section. Written by J. Winston Coleman, Jr. + additions.


      J. B. Tharp was principal of Georgetown Female Seminary in 1868. It enrolled sixty-five students. He was later pastor of Bryant Station Baptist Church from 1870 to 72.
[Frank M. Masters, A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, p. 358.]


      The Sesqui-centennial of the regular Bryant's Station Church was held on April 15, 1936, in the sixth year of the pastorate of Rev. Howard M. Patton, who was ordained by the church as its pastor on June 14, 1931, at the age of nineteen years. The young pastor led the church to full time preaching, with a Sunday school, and other organizations essential to the work. On the Sesqui-centennial day, Pastor Patton was married to Miss Margarette Turner.
[Frank M. Masters, p. 74.]


      Howard M. Patton, Bryant Station Baptist Church, along with other pastors, was presented as a new pastor at the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in 1931.

      In 1948 the church reported to Elkhorn Association 133 members, with J. R. Masterson, Lexington, pastor.
[Frank M. Masters, p. 514.]


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