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Forks of Gunpowder Baptist Church
Boone County, Kentucky
- Gleaned Facts From Various Records -
By Jim Duvall
      There are no known records of the Forks of Gunpowder Baptist Church.

      The following document about the church is from county records:
June Term 1825
At a County Court begin and held at the Courthouse in Burlington on Monday the 6th. day of June 1825. Present Cave Johnson, Chas't Scott & Reuben Graves, Esq'rs. Present Moses Scott, Esq'r.
"Ordered that the certificate from the Church at the forks of Gunpowder appointing David Hoshal, Ab'm Vaughn, Elijah Kirtley, Tho's Cushman, & Jn'o Crisler as trustees for said Church to receive deeds, &c. "be Recorded." [CO/ B-421] Provided by James K. Duvall.

From Bullittsburg Baptist Churchbook, November, 1826 -
The helps appointed to attend at the church at Gunpowder to afsist in the Ordination of Bro. Jno. S. Carter as a deacon reports that they attended according to their appointment and that upon consultation it was agreed by all present that the Ordination should take place "Which ordination was posponed in consequence of the bad weather until their last meeting where it took place accordingly"

From Bullitttsburg Baptist Churchbook, April, 1827
A request from the church at The forks of Gunpowder was rec'd for helps to attend them on the third Saturday in this month to give them and in a matter of difficulty respecting Bro. Wilson — upon consideration it is agreed to send six of our members as helps upon that occasion. To wit Brethren Robt. Kirtley Winfield Early, Edw'd Graves Rowland Botts Joseph Botts & Reuben Graves

Martin Leonard [M. L.] Aylor
was a Predestinarian pastor of Forks of Gunpowder during the late 1800s. This picture taken in his Hebron Garage, in 1929, is from The Kentucky Explorer September, 2008, p. 4.


      This article about the church is by the late Mrs. Elizabeth Kirtley, long-time local Baptist historian: A History of the Forks of Gunpowder Baptist Church.

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