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Constitution (Organization) of Burlington Baptist Church, 1842
From the Churchbook

[Below is a copy of page 15 from the microfilm copy of the original Minutes of the church. The grammar and spelling are unchanged; any changes made by the editor are in [ ]. - Jim Duvall]


Burlington, Ky. Nov'br 11th, 1842.

      Agreeable to previous notice a Meeting was held at brother S. G. Scotts for the purpose of consulting and taking into consideration the propriety of constituting a Baptist Church in this place.

      The meeting was organised by appointing Eld. Robert Kirtley Moderator and G. H. Scott Clk.

      The object object of the Meeting was then stated by brother S. G. Scott and after some consultation it was thought best to ask the advise and counsel of Some of the churches and solicit their aid in the diserable object.

      Enquiry was then made as to the persons desiring the accomplishment of this object ____ the following names were presented: S. G. Scott, Harriet Scott M. J. Scott, Mary A. E. Scott, Sarah A. Percival Eliza A. Percival Clarisa Hamilton G. H. Scott, Agness Scott Catharine Karrick Francis Morris white persons Fanny, Wesley, Thomas, Christopher and Louisa - coulourd persons

      Agreed that our Brethren S. G. Scott and G. H. Scott be commitee to obtain addition[al] names and present our request to Bulletsburgh and Middle creek churches

      Adjourned untill Wednesday 16th Nov. 3 O'clock P. M.

Attest G. H. Scott Clk Robert Kirtley Mod
[p. 2]
Nov. 16th 1842

      Met pursuant to adjournment

      Praise and Prayer by the Moderator (brother Robert Kirtley) the committee then reported that they had complied with the request of this Meeting in asking the council of Bulletsburgh and Middle creek churches, which churches heartily concured with us in our views and gave us a unanimous vote of encouragement the committee further reported that the additional names procured by them were Periander C. Scott Lucinda Allen, John M. Garnett Philicia Garnett, Mariah Armstrong, Elizabeth A. Renals. No. in all 22. The Moderator then called for an expression of mind from the brethren and sisters, which was given with much freedom. the appropriate remarks of Sister Armstrong and Sister Percival Sunk deep in every heart and brought forth a flowing Love and thanksgiving to All Mighty God Many Brethren from the surrounding churches being present aided in council.

      It was then agreed that we Meet in the Court house on Tuesday, the 13th of Dec next for the purpose of being constituted into a Baptist church to be known by the name of the Baptist Church of Christ at Burlington and our brethren John M. Garnett S. G. Scott G. H. Scott and P. C. Scott were appointed to wait on the churches at Bulletsburg & Middle creek Dry creek Sand run, Eastbend and

[p. 3]
1st Baptist Church at Covington to Solicit their aid in the accomplishment of this desirable object.

      Agreed that Brethren Robert Kirtley Lewis Webb and Wm Garnett be requested to prepare our Covenant and Articles of Faith on which we may be constituted into a seperate and distinct body (Provided the Council) when met think it [prudent ?] thus to act and present the same for our examination sometime previous to the contemplated Constitution

      Until which time this Meeting is now adjourned.           Attest G. H. Scott, CLK
          Robert Kirtley Mod

[p. 4]
      Whereas sundry members of the Baptist Churches residing in Burlington Boone County Ky and its vicinity having taken into condsideration their remote situation from the different churches to which they respectively belong and the difficulty of meeting with those churches, for worship or other purposes, on due deliberation have deemed it necessary both for convenience of the people & the Glory of God to constitute and become a seperate and destinct body.

      Therefore in pursuance of this object having frequesntly met in consultation among ourselves and asked counsel of some of the neighbouring Churches and brethern visiting them and having obtained the consent and approbation of those churches and brethern: Upon further deliberation among themselves having agreed to apply for helps from the churches composing the Northbend Association to meet in consultation with them and this day havng been designated for that purpose

      Therefore be it remembered that on this day (to wit) tuesday December 13th 1842, That we, viz. Randal Latimer John M. Garnett Squire G. Scott George H. Scott Perryander C. Scott Benjamin Cave Mills Wilks Lucy Wilks Sarah Percival Nancy Latimer Felicia Garnett Harriet Scott Agnys Scott Margarett J. Scott Mary A. E. Scott Clarissa Hamilton Catharine Harrick Elizabeth A Renald Maria Armstrong & Lucinda Berksheir

[p. 5]
the members proposing to constitute and the helps from the different churches applied to having met agreeably to appointment at the Court House in the Town of Burlington for the purpose aforesaid and after further conference, had the following cor [?] we do agree to give ourselves up to the Lord and one another according to his word to be one body, jointly to walk and act by the rules of the Gospel particularly to endeavour to deny ourselves of all ungodlyness and worldly lust: and live soberly righteously and Godly in this present world

      Not neglecting to assemble ourselves together, but to fill our seats on all occasions of business and preaching when consistent with our situation and circumstances and to submit ourselves one to another in the fear of the Lord to bear one anothers burthens and to try to keep the unity of the Spirit in the the bond of peace. This Covenant we enter into (as we hope in the fear of the Lord), Sincerely imploring His divine Blessing that we may be kept by his power and be a buildding fitly framed together growing unto a Holy Temple in the Lord.

     We also further agree to take the word of god as our infallible guide and unerring rule both of faith and practice believing that the Holy Scriptures were written by men divinely inspired and in every thing necessary and proffitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for insturction in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16:17) and that among others they teach the following important truths which we consider it

[p. 6]
to ourselves and others to declare that we adopt as our

Articles of Faith

     Art 1st That there is one only living and true God the creator, Preserver and and Governor of all things and that he has revealed Himself under the name of the Father the Word (or son) and the Holy Spirit the same in essence and equal in every divine perfection Matt. 28:19. 2 Cor 13:14. 1st Tim 2.5 1st John 5.7

      2nd That all men are sinners being by nature children of wrath conceived in Sin inclined only to evil and in a State of condemnation Subjects of death and all miseries temporal and eternal Rom 3.6 hap [?] Gen 6:5 Psalms 51.5. Job 14.4 - Eph 2.3 - Rom 5.12 -

      3rd That the only way of Salvation from this State of guilt and condemnation is through the Mercy of God in bestowing repentance and remission of Sins through the obedient suffering and death of Christ. - Acts 4.12. 5.31 Rom -

      4th That Jesus Crist [sic] was God in man fi[r]st in the flesh that in his life he fulfilled the law and in his death indured its curse that God might be just and the justifier of him who believeth in Jesus 1 Tim 3.16 Isai 42:2 Matt 5:17 Gal 3.13 1st Pet 2.24 Rom 3.26 & 5.

      5th That the enmity of the heart to God in every sinner is of such a nature that nothing short of the special influence of the Holy Spirit in the application of the truth can affect a change John 3:3 to 8 inclu Rom 6.7 John 6.44 Tit. 3.5 John 1.12-13

[p. 7]
     6th That the doctrine of Election or free grace by Jesus Christ is held forth in the Holy Scriptures elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father through Sanctification of the Spirit unto obedience and Sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ according as he hath chosen us in him before the foundaiton of the world that we should be Holy and without blame before him in love. 1 Pet 1.2 Eph 2 Thess 2.13

      7th That nothing can Separate believers from the love of Christ for they are kept by the power of God through faith unto Salvation Rom - 1 Peter 1.5

      8th That baptism (being the immersion of believers in water, in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and the Lords Supper are highly important and significant ordinances. That baptism preceeds the Supper and believers are only proper subjects of both that baptism is designed to reprisent the death burial and resurrection of Christ and likewise our death unto Sin that we should walk in newness of life that it is not the putting away the filth of the flesh but the answer of a good conscience towards God Matt 3:3 to 12 & 28.19 Acts 2.38. 41.42 Rom 6:4 Col. 2.12 1st Pet 3.21 -

      9th That it [is] our duty to observe the first day of week according to the example of primitive Christians

[p. 8]
as a day of rest from Secular labour and to devote that day in Social worship and religious instruction. We also believe it to be our duty to encourage the preaching of the Gospel as commanded by Jesus Christ and practiced by his immediate followers who preached repentance towards God and faith towards our Lod Jesus Christ Rev 1.10 Acts 20,7 Acts 14 Phil 4.6 Col 3.16 Acts 10, 42.43

      10th That notwithstanding Christ is the End of the law for righteousness to all that believe yet they are under obligations to keep al precepts or ordinances and commandments which are revealed in the word of God and enforced by Christ and his Apostles as a rule of conduct Matt 22: Luke 10.27 Rom John 13.34 and 15.12 Acts 17:30.31 Acts 2.38 1st John 3.23 Matt 7.12

      11th That it is our duty to honour & support those who labour in word and doctrine among us to releave brethren in distress and to do good to all men as we have opportunity 1 Thess 5.12.13 Heb 13:7. 17. 18 1st Tim 5:17. 1.6 Gal 6.6 - 1 Cor 9.7.14 Rom 12.13.15 Gal 6.10

      12th That it isnour duty as individuals and as a church to watch over our Members and not to Suffer Sin upon a brother but to warn reprove, rebuke exhort and admonish as occasion

[p. 9]
may require to pursue the rule given by our Lord Matt 18.15.17 when a brother offends another: deal with one or an elder guilty of a Publick offence as directions are given in 1 Tim 5.19.20 and 1st Cor 5th & 6th chapters

      13th Christ as witness leader and commander to the people has commanded men to repent and believe the gospe for the Lord grants unto the guilty repentance unto life; and the guilt and condemnation of those who reject this council will be augmented consequence of their unbelief and opposition in heart to the only plan of Grace whereby Sinners can be saved which is revealed in Jesus Christ. Isai 55:45. 6.7 Acts 17:30. 31 and 11.18 - 2 Thess 1:7.8.9 Rom 2.8. John 3.19 john 5:23 John 6. 27. 29.

      14th That there will be a general resurrection and judgement in which all mankind Shall be judged according to their works: the wicked Shall go away into everlasting punishment and the righteous into life eternal Matt 16:27 John 5.29 Matt 25:46 1 Cor 15:51 2 Thess 1:19. Rev 7.14.17

[p. 10]
      But remember on application of Sundry Members of the Baptist Church who now reside in Burlington and its vicinity, We the helps from the different churches composing the the North Bend Association of Baptists having in conformity to the afore sd request met at the Court house in the afore sd Town of Burlington Boone County Kentucky on tuesday December 13th 1842 for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of constituting a Baptist Church in the town afore sd. - After an appropriate discourse from a portion of Scripture by brother Robert Kirtley and the objects of the meeting having been explained and the brethren & Sisters proposing to constitute. (To wit) those last named being all present and after conference had among themselves again agreed to constitute and become a separate and distinct church and having agreed also to adopt the foregoing covenant and articles of faith prepared by brethren Kirtley, Whitaker and Webb the matter was then Submitted for the advice of the Council which was organized by appointing Brethren Robert Kirtley Moderator and Lewis Webb clerk and having ascertained that the following brethren were in attednance as helps (to wit)

      From Bulletsburg, Robt Kirtley

[p. 11]
Edward Graves Rowland Bottts Absalum Graves John Duncan Alfred E. Chambers and Joel Garnett.

      From Middle creek William Garnett William Huey Aaron Delph Wm. Ryle John Brady David M. Scott Thos. Neal Richard Botts & Robt. Huey

      From Dry creek James Robertson G. M. Meeks Washington Cleveland and Eli Vickers

      From Sand Run William Whataker Cave Montague & L Webb

      From East Bend Francis Craig Wm. Kirtley Elijah Grant

      From 1st Covington Ambrose Ambrose and W. W. Cannahan

      Brother Rowe of Tennessee being in attendance was invited to a Seat in the Council - all whom agreed to participate and having taken the Matter under consideration with the persons above and deliberations among our Selves have agreed that they are in a situation which justifies their constitution as a church of Jesus Christ

      Now therefore be it remembered known to all whom these presents shall come that we the helps afs'd in council assembled as afore sd after due deliberation among ourselves do Sincerely declare them to be regularly constituted as a Baptist Church upon the covenant and

[p. 12]
articles of Faith as above refered to entitled to all the privileges of a distinct Church to be distinguished by name of the Baptist Church of Christ at Burlington. In the conclusion of the Service the brother Moderator and the council generally tendered the right hand of Fellowship bidding them welcome to the privileges of a Church of Christ and a glow of heavenly love thrilled through the audience whilst the brethren were resounding praises of [the] Lord
may this Church Still live in love
Till rolling ages cease to move

           Attest Robt. Kirtley Mod.
           Lewis Webb, Clk

      When the above Service was concluded the church requested the brethren Moderator and Clerk to continue in their Seats as Such

      On Motion of Brother L. G. Scott agreed that we meet as a church at this place on Saturday next and that our Meetings for church business be on the third Saturday in each subsequent month.

           Attest Robt. Kirtley Mod
           Lewis Webb Clk.

[p. 13]
      The Baptist Church at Burlington met in the Female School room 3rd Saturday in Dec 1842 Brother Robert Kirtley chosen Moderator and brother G. H. scott Clerk protem. After praise and prayers proceeded to business on motion it is agreed that brethren J. M. Garnett G. H. Scott S. G. Scott Mills Wilks and R. Latimer be and are hereby appointed a committee to draft Rules of Decorum for the Government of this church and present the same at our nexxt Meeting agreed that at our next Meeting we attend to the choosing of a moderator and Clerk

      At the request of the church brother L. G. Scott agrees to attend to the keeping of the house and the church directs him to keep an acct of the expenses of the same and to report to the church from time to time

      Agreed that brother G. H. Scott shall procure for the church a suitable Book in which to keep the record

      Agreed that our next Meeting be a communion Season and that our brethren deacons from sister churches be invited toa ttend and to act for us on that occasion
           Attest Robt. Kirtley Mod
           G. H. Scott

[p. 14]
      At a Meeting of the Baptist Church at Burlington January 13 1843 being the 3rd Saturday in Said Month Brother R. Latimer Mod brother L. G. Scott [blurred] a report from this church to the church at Middle creek given the names of those who joined in constiution with us who were members at Middle creek which was read approved and brother S. G. Scott appointed to bear the Same to Middle creek church
           Attest G. H. Scott protem
           R. Latimer Mod

      The Baptist Church at Burlington met in the Court House 3rd Saturday in January 1843 brother Wm Whitaker chosen Moderator after praise and prayer proceeded to business Received by experience for Baptism Sarah J. Latimer by letter. Sisters Lucinda Allen and Frances Morris also Also brother Joseph b. Porter who is a regular Licenciatt [licentiate] from the Baptist church at hopewell Henry Cty Ky and tris [this] church wish him to exrcise his gift amongst us and wherever God in his providence may cast his lot

      The committee appointed to draft Rules of decorum for the church report by presenting s'd rules which was read and adopted

[p. 15]
and read as follows: (to wit)

     Art 1st Church Meetings to be opened & closed by praise and prayer.

     Art 2nd All complaints to be received in the church and attended to also the experiences touching fellowship before the door be opened for reception of members

     Art 3rd We adopt as our guide in treating with disorderly members (in all cases where it is practicable) the directions given by our Saviour in the 18th of Math that is to go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone if he shall hear thee thou hast than [then] gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee then take with thee one or two more that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established And if he shall neglect to hear them tell it unto the church but if he neglect to hear the church let him be unto thee as as [a] heathen man and a publickan. For publick crimes Satisfaction cannot be had until a publick acknowledgement be made to the church

     Art 4th Any member found guilty of Sin by a majority shall not be restored without the unanimous consent the complaining members having no voice in the decision

     5th Final exclusion to be by A majority of two thirds of the votes taken

[p. 16]
all other questions shall be decided by a majority except on the reception or restoration and dismission of members and the appointment of Ministers and Deacons which Shall be by a unanimous consent

     Art 6th Every motion, proposition or querry made and secon[d]ed Shall be attended to (so as to be taken up or voted out unless with drawn by the member who made it who may do so before it be taken up but not afterwards with leave of the church

     Art 7th only one member Shall speak at a time and shall rise and address the moderator Strictly attending to the subject and cast his reflection he shall not be interrupted unless he brake the rules of this decorum in which case it shall be the duty of the moderator to call him to order but should he fail to do so any members may and he shall take his seat of which point of order the church shall direct when applied to for that purpose      Art 8th No member in time of business shall address an other in any other appelation than that of brother nor speak more than twice to any matter in debate without leave of the church

[p. 17]
     Art 9th The Moderator to give the right hand of fellowship in behalf of the church to all person admited to membership, but those by experience not to be entitled to the privileges of the church untill Baptised

     Art 10th The Moderator to have the same liberty to speach as other members provided his seat be filled but not to vote unless the church be euqally divided

      Art 11th At the close of business on each day the minutes to be read approved by the church Signed by the Moderator and attested by the Clerk

     The refference respecting the appointment of a moderator and Clerk taken up and brother S. G. Scott chosen Moderator and R. Latimer Clerk

     Brother G. H. Scott being requested by the church to procure for them a book in which to keep her records accordingly presented one which was received

     On motion that the church consider the propriety of choosing two Deacons the matter taken up and refered to the next meeting

     On motion the church agreed to consider the propriety of building a house whereupon Brethren

[p. 18]
L. G. Scott, R. Latimer. J. M. Garnett and G. H. Scott were approved a committee to draw up subscription and present the Publick in order to raise funds for that purpose and report to the church
     Agreed that the brethren Mod and Clk Shall draft a form of Letters of Dismission for this church
Adjourned Wm. Whitaker, Mod attest
G. H. Scott Clk

     Saturday evening Jan 21st, 1843

     Received by letter Louisa A Colored Sister belonging to brother G. H. Scott Tom and Fanny belonging to Sister Ann Kirtley

     Sunday January 22nd, 1843

     Baptised Sarah Jane Latimer

     Received by letter Wesley belonging to Sister Ann Kirtley Kit belonging to the heirs of Willis Graves rec'd by experience and baptism Squire belonging to John Riddle

     At a Church meeting held for the church at Burlington the 3rd Saturday Febuary 1843

Brother Rob. Kirtley Mod

     After praise and prayer proceed to business. The reference respecting the choice of Deacon was taken up and Church agreed again to make choice of two at present whereupon that It

[p. 19]
appeared that brethren John M Garnett and Mills Wilks were selected for that office. At the request of brother John M. Garnett it is continued and made a reference to our next Meeting

     The committee to draw subscription and to present to the publick for the purpose of raising funds to building a house for worship reported that they had proceeded as requested and had obtained by subscription to the amount of Nine hundred & one dollars

     On motions it was agreed that the same committee be continued with the addition of brother Mills Wilks and that they be authoused to contract for the building of said house if it is within their judgment thought expedient and to report to our next meeting how far they have proceeded

     A request from Sand Run by brother N. Green for helps to asist in the ordination of Brother Wm. Gaines as Deacon. Being Granted the following brethren were appointed (to wit) Brethren Wilks Garnett S. G. Scott & R Latimer

     Agreed that this Church in the months of Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb and March at the hour of 11 oclock A.M and in the months of April, May, June, July August Sept and Oct at the hour of 10 Oclock A.M and Saturday meeting of business to be opened

[p. 20]
without ringing the bell unless there be preaching
attest Robt. Kirtley Mod
Randal Latimer Clk

     Sunday Febuary 22nd 1843

      Received by experience for baptism George a Coloured man belonging to John Tumlin

      Received by letter brother Robt. Wilson into Membership. Also Sister Eliza A Percival by letter

     March 14th 1843 Received by experience for baptism Harriet a coloured woman an belonging to the Estate of brother Willis Graves deceased

     The Baptist Church at Burlington met at the court house in the town of Burlington on the 3rd Saturday of March 1843 brother Robt. Kirtley chosen moderator

     After praise and prayer proceeded to business

     The reference respecting the choice of Deacon made a reference to this meeting. Taken up and upon the Statement of brother J. M. Garnett that he expected to remove out of the bounds of this meeting. It is agreed therefore to release him

      n regard to brother Wilks appointment it is continued untill the next meeting he being Sick and not in attendance

     The [blur on m/f - said?] committee appointed at the our last meeting to Superintend

[p. 21]
the business of building a meeting [house] ask a continuance to report untill the next meeting which is agreed to.

      The helps appointed to attend at Sand Run to assist in the ordination of brother William Gaines to the office of Deacon Report that they were in attendance and that the ordination was gone into. The refference that was to be made at our last meeting by the committee to draft a form of letter of Dismission and was neglected is considered and untill the next meeting time is given to report

      Motion and seconed that that brethren Perryander C Scott G. H Scott be encouraged to excercise their gifts in the ministry taken up and agreed that those brethren be encouraged to do so so far a[s] they feel free to act at home and a broad as may seem prudent in the sight of God and man

      It is agreed that brethren S. G. Scott P. E. Scott and J. B. Porter be looked upon to act as singing Clerks

      Motioned & seconed that that the approved trustees to convey and receive title to real Estate for the benefit of sd church. Taken up and reffered to our next meeting. Brother G. H. Scott reported the death of sister Maria Armstrong who departed this life on hte 15th day of March 1843

attest Adjourned
R Latimer Robert Kirtley
[p. 22]
      Sunday Baptised George & Harriet Coloured persons. Also John a coloured man belonging [to] Jarvis Hayden received and baptised

      At a meeting of the baptist church at Burlington held on the 3rd Saturday in April 1843 (being their appointed day of business

      After praise and prayer proceeded to business. A Reffererence respecting the appointment of Brother Mills Wilks to the office of Deacon taken up the church agree that after again obtaining the consent of brother Wilks to going to the ordination and that the ordination be attnded to at their next meeting and that helps be applied for to the several churches (to wit) by the following brethren. To Sand run P. C. Scott & Robert Wilson - to Bullitsburgh Randel Latimer & S. G. Scott to Middle creek G. H. Scott

      The committee appointed to superintend the business of the building a house for worship ask untill the next meeting to report which is granted

      The committee appointed to draft a form of letter of dismission report a form which is adopted and reads as following (to wit)

      The Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Burlington Boone Cty Ky. being a part of and holding fellowship with the united Baptist of Ky and of the General Union of their brethren els where. This is to certify that our beloved ______ is a member in good standing and full fellowship with us and ________ request is dismissed from our watch care when joined to any other church of the same faith and order. all letters being valid only Six months from date

[p. 23]
      Done by order of the church at her Meeting of business the 3rd Saturday _____ 184 .

      Motioned Seconed and agreed that the minutes of one meeting be read from the book of record at the next after praise and prayer and opening the door of the church

      A majority of the members of this church being present

      A Refference respecting trustees to receive and convey title to any real estate for the benefit of this church taken up and trustees appointed (To wit) brethren George H. Scott Mills Wilks, Randal Latimer and Squire G. Scott appointed for that purpose

      Brother Joseph B. Porter applied for a letter of dismission which is granted in due form of this church with an expression of Sentiment and Statement of his reception here in this church. That he was received as a Regular Licentiate and has exercised his gift as such with us accordingly to our gratification and to whom we wish to give encouragment by recommending to brethren els where wherever God in his providence may cast his lot

attest R Latimer Adjourned R. Kirtley Mod

      Sunday the 16th day of April 1843.

      Received by experience for baptism Jefferson a coloured man belonging to Wm. [?] Craig

      At a meeting of the Baptist Church at Burlington held on (their regular day of church business) the 3rd Saturday in May 1843

      After praise & prayer proceeded to business

      After the doors [of] church being opened and minutes read according to a former order

      A reference respecting the ordination of brother Mills Wilks to the office of Deacon taken up

[p. 24]
     Reports being made from the several church[es] applied for helps that such application had been made and the brethren helps from said churches reporting themselves (in attendance (to wit) From Bullits Church brethren Robert Kirtley, Rowlin Botts, Ab'slm Graves Joseph C. Graves, and John Ducan Sand Run brethren William Gaines Lewis Webb Cave Montague and Nathaniel Green Middle creek brethren William Garnett Aaron Delp John W. Rowe and John Riley

     Motion Seconded and agreed that the vote of the church be taken upon the setting apart brother Mills Wilks to the office of Deacon which was given unanimously in favour of the Same

      After an expression of the church that the helps from several churches afores'd would Sit with them and lend their aid and cousel in this matter they cordially complied all of whom spoke highly of brother Wilks fair standing and deportment as a Christian and this high approbation of the choice the church had made for that office.

      Another expression of the church was given in favour of brother Wilks being Set apart to the office of Deacon

      Also an expression of the council in favour of the same was given

      Motion an agreed that it be attended to on the Morrow

      The committee to whom was refered the business of Superintending the building of a House of worship report that they have obtained a lot in the town of Burlington No 28 for the Sum of $100 but cannot get

[p. 25]
posession of the same immediately and have authorized the making of the brick

      On motion of brother John M. Garnett and Sister Felicia his wife for letters of dismission is granted

      Brother John Riley a Member from Middle creek church made a request on the part of the members of said church residing near General Wallace,s for helps from the church in that vicinity which is granted And the following brethren appointed (to wit) Benj. Cave, Squire G. Scott, Robert Wilson P. C. Scott and Randal Latimer

attest Adjourned to our next meeting
R Latimer Cl,le,ck
R. Kirtley Mod

Saturday evening May 13th 1843

      Received by experience for baptism William Graves

Sunday May 13th, 1843 according to appointment yesterday yesterday brother Mills Wilks was set apart to the office of Deacon
      Received into membership by letter from Middle creek church Sister Permilia White

Sunday evening Baptised brethren William Graves and Jefferson a coloured man
[p. 26]
      At a meeting of the Baptist church at Burlington in the Court house on the 3rd Saturday in June 1843 (being their regular day of church business]

      After praise and prayer proceeded to business

      The helps appointed to assist in the constitution of a baptist Church on the 26th day of May last in the vicinity of General Wallace,s - Report that they were all in attendance at the appointed time and place and that Said contemplated church was constituted accordingly by 44 members, called by the name of the Big bone

      Brother Lewis Webb Moderating

      Brother Squire G. Scott who had been appointed to the keeping of the house for worship. Report the amount of the expense up to the present time which amount is $16.35 which was satisfactory received and ordered to be recorded

      Motioned Seconed and agreed that of raising funds for the defraying the expenses of this church be taken up

      Motioned Seconed and agreed that the church adopt the mode of apportionment to be assested [assessed] on the Several free male members of this church

      And that the brethren Deacon and Moderator be requested to apportion the Same accordingly. Also to receive any voluntary contributions that may be made for the payment of the Same. And that the sum of $25 be appropriated for the present year

[p. 27]
      The committee to whom was refered the building and superintending the building of a house for worship report that they have since the last meeting obtained the possession of the lot purchased for tha tpurpose by giving ten dollars And that they had contracted with Mr. Thomas Roberts of Burlington for the carpenters work and finding the lumber at $700 And to W. Joshua Lumar for the brick work $5 per thousand for the brick actually laid in the wall Also with brother Mills Wilks to do the stone work and furnish the stone
attest Adjourned
R. Latimer C,l,c,k S. G. Scott Mod'tr

      At a meeting of the Baptist Church at Burlington on the 3rde Saturday in July 1843 being their regular day of business
      Ater praise and prayer proceeded to business

      Brethren Moderator and Deacon who had been appointed to apportion and assess upon the several white male members of this church to defray the expense of the Same report accordingly which is received and ordered to be recorded

      Reads as follows (to wit)

      July 3rd , 1843 In pursuance of an order of the Burlington Church at her June Meeting in refrence to an apportionment to be made out by her Moderator & Deacon. They do respectfully report that they have taken the matter in consideration and report the Same as follows (to wit)

[p. 28]
	Randal Latimer  -   $5.50
	S. G. Scott     -    5.50
	Mills Wilks     -    4.50
	George H. Scott -    4.50
	Robert Wilson   -    3.00
	William Graves  -    2.00
	Benjamin Cave   -    1.00
	    Total amount    26.00 

They would also report that they have received on the voluntary subscription list the sum of $1.00
Received on the above 11.00 _____ $12.00

      Motioned Seconed and agreed that one brother or more be appointed to write a letter of application asking admitance into the north bend association and Submit the Same to this church for inspection on thrusday before 3rd Saturday in August next

      Motioned Seconed and agreed that brethren Moderator and Clerk be appointed to attend to the same. And that brethren S. G. Scott, Radal Latimer George H. Scott and Mills Wilks be appointed Messengers to bear the Same to the North Bend Association to be held at Dry Creek Meeting house commencing the 3rd Friday in August next. Owing to it being holden during time of this church' regular day of business. The church agrees to meet on the thursday before it Att which time the meeting is Adjopurned

attest S. G. Scott Mod
R. Latimer C,l,c,k
[p. 29]
Thursday August 17th 1843       The Baptist church at Burlington met pursuant to an adjounment and after praise and prayer proceeded to business

      Brethren Moderator and Clerk who had been requested to prepare a letter of application asking leave to be admitted into the North bend association produced the Same which was read and received.

Adjourned untill the regular day of business
attest S. G. Scott Mod'tr
R. Latimer C. C,l.k

      Third Saturday in Sept. 1843<

      The Baptist church at Burlington met purusant to an adjournment and after praise and prayer proceeded to business.

      The messengers appointed to bear a letter of application. Asking leave to be admitted into union with the Northbend association held at dry creek on the 3rd Fryday in August 1843 Report that they were in attendance at Said meeting and made said application accordingly upon which this church was received into union and Fellowship

      [ a * and an erasure of the line]

      manifested by giving the right hand of fellowship to each one of the messengers and they [marked out] invited to a seat in council

      Motioned Seconed & agreed that the letter before said be obtained from the Clerk of the association and entered of record on the church book

      Adjourned untill day in course

attest R Latimer Clk R Kirtley Mod
[p. 30]
      Third Sunday in Sept. 1843

      Received by experience for Baptism Jane a coloured woman belonging W. Fountain Riddle

      Sunday the 1st day of Oct, 1843 Baptised June a coloured woman received on 3rd Sunday in Sept. last belonging to W. F. Riddle

      At a meeting of the Baptist church at Burlington on the 3rd Saturday in Oct. 1843

      After praise and prayer proceeded to business.

     It is motioned Seconed & agreed that this church take into consideration the time and number of times in a year that they hold communion

      Motioned Seconed & agreed that this church have the number four a year at their regular church Meeting, in the Months of January. April, July and Oct.

      This meeting now adjourned until their next meeting

attest R. Latimer C,l,k in course
S. G. Scott Mod

      The Clerk of this church obtained the letter from the Clerk of the North bend Association has committed the same record as desired by an order of this church at her Sept. Meeting of business which reads as follows (to wit)

[p. 31]
      The Baptist Church of Christ at Burlington Boone County Ky to the Northbend Association of [baptist - marked out] Baptists when met at Dry creek meeting house Kenton County the third Fyrday in August 1843

      Very dear

Brethren we with pleasure hail the near approach of your annual meeting when we as a church hope to have the pleasure of uniting with you as a body and in all time to come compose a party of the Northbend Association and join in the one common cause praising God honouring and Glorifying God in this present world. We therefore as a church say in the language of the Saviour. behold we Stand at the door and knock if you will open unto us we will come in and sup with you of those joys which flow from the throne of God to his children when associated together in love

      As it is our wish to be fully known and underStood we have inform you that this church was constituted on the 3rd day of December 1842 with 20 members principally from Middle Creek and Bulletsburg by helps from all the churches now composing the Northbend Association. Since our constitution we have received [by] experience and baptism & by letter 11 dismissed by letter 3 deceased 1 So that our total number at present is 34

      For further particulars we refer you to our beloved brethren Mills Wilks, Squire G. Scott. Randal Latimer and George H. Scott our messengers to bear this letter whom we recommend to your Christian confidence and fellowship and to sit in council with you if received

      Also to the covenant and articles of faith on which we were constituted and more particularly to our [beloved - marked out] much esteemed brother Robert Kirtley a minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus christ who was with us at our constitution and still continues to labour among us in word and doctrines to whom we are in gratitude debtors but to God be the glory

[p. 32]
      Brethren pray for us that we may be kept by the Grace of God through faith unto Salvation that we may be steadfast unmovable ever abound ing in the work of the Lord

      Done by order of the church at her meet ing of businefs thursday August 17th 1843

R. Latimer C,l,c,k Squire G. Scott Mod,

     A protracted Baptist Meeting held in the town of Burlington on commencing on the Second Saturday in Nov 1843 Ministering brethren in attendance from a distance R. L. Dillard from Fayette county and J. D, Black from Scott [county? - blur on m/f] others from the neighbourhood and county (to wit) brethren Robert Kirtley. Wm. Whitaker. Kingsolving and Francis Craig all of whom participated in sharing a part of the religious duties which, continued untill Thursday after noon during which time there were three received (to wit) Ellen (a coloured woman belonging to the Estate of Benj Willis deceased) by experience for baptism. Sister Francis Armstrong by letter from Providence church Clark county Ky and Lucy Kingsolving by experience for baptism

     The Baptist church at Burlington

     Nov meeting of businefs the 3rd sat - 1843

      After the complaince of the rules of this church proceeded to businefs

     On motion of brother George H. Scott in the behalf of the Big bone church request ing helps to afsist that church in council in the ordination of two Deacons, (to wit) brethren Thos. Huey and John C. Riley

[p. 33]
     This church agree to send the number four (to wit) brethren Mills Wilks. Squire G Scott George H. Scott and Randal Latimer as helps to Sit in council and assist accordingly

      Horace a man of colour belonging to Mr. Chiles Coleman who reports himself a member of the Baptist church at Davis fork [David's Fork - jrd] Fayette County Ky and not haivng a letter and exprefsing penance to God and a desire to be united with the profefsed fol lowers of the Saviour and and this church being advised of him being a man of or derly and religiously walk consider that he be taken under the watch care of this church untill he can receive a letter or untill further information can be had from the Davis fork church to this church

      It is agreed that brother G Scott write to that church as soon as practicable. and report to this church Such information as he can obtain respecting the Standing of s.d Horace in s.d church

attest Adjourned untill the next Meeting
R. Latimer C,l,c,k
R. Kirtley Mod
[p. 34]
      Baptist church at Burlington

      3rd Saturday in Dec 1843.

      After the compliance of the rules of this church proceeded to buinefs

     The helps appointed at the last meeting to afsist the big bone church in the ordination of two Deacons report they were in attendance, generally and that the ordination was gone into

      On motion of brother Periander Scott it is agreed that this church Set apart the Friday before the 3rd Saturday in next month for fasting and prayer in humiliation to Allmighty God

R. Latimer C,l,c,k S. G. Scott Mod

      Sunday after the 3rd Saturday in Dec 1843

      Baptised Sister Ellen a coloured woman Belonging Benj Willis Estate Also Sister Lucy Kingsolving

      Baptist church at Burlington

      3rd Saturday in Jan 1844

      After praise and prayer the church proceeded to businefs. The peace and order of the church being inquired into, brother Mills Wilks informed the church that Sister F_____ M_____ an unmarried woman been guilty of sin by incontinency evidenced by issue of a male child which was some what known to the church

      He stated that he had been to See her and motioned that the church take it up which is agreed to

      Motioned and agreed that a committee of four be appointed to deal with her on the part

[p. 35]
of the church and report to the next Meeting for the approval or disapproval of this church

      Motioned and agreed that Brethren Mills Wilks. S. G. Scott. G. H. Scott and Randal Latimer be appointed a committe to attend to the same

      Motioned and agreed that this church assess money for the defraying the expenses of the Same. And that the Sum of $16 be assessed upon the free male members of this church Motioned & agreed that brethren Moderator and deacon be appointed a committee to Make the Same and make report accordingly to this church

      Adjourned untill the next Meeting in course

attest R. Latimer C,l,c,k
S. G. Scott Modtr

      Baptist church at Burlington

     2nd Saturday in February 1844

      After the compliance of the rules of the church proceeded to business

      The committe to whom was referred the charge against Sister F_____ M_____ Set forth in the minutes of the January Meeting report that they all met and visited her and had considerable conversation with her concerning the charge made against her which She acknowledged to be true and expressed penance and a hope of the forgiveness of the Lord for the same but expressed a backwardness in appearing before the church

      Motioned and agreed that the church take up the roport

      Question being taken upon the nature

[p. 36]
of the offence the church decided that She is guilty of Sin

      And after Some deliberation and consultation of with brethren from the neighbouring churches notwithstanding the sympathy felt and expressed for the unfortuante Sister the church felt her duty for the purity of church of Christ and the cause of to exclude her from the fellowship of the church

     Adjourned untill our next Meeting in course           attest

R. Latimer C,c,l,k
R. Kirtley Mod

      Church Meeting of business began and held on the 3rd Saturday in March 1844 - purshuant to an adjoournment in the court house in the town of Burlington

      After the complaince of the rules of this church the meeting proceededto business

      Brethren Moderator and deacon who were chosen to Assess and apportion the duess of Sixteen dollars upon free male members of this church

     Report that they have had the subject under consideration and that they have apportioned in the following manner (to wit) upon the first class three and one half dollars each upon the second two dollars

[p. 37]
      Brethren P. C. Scott and G. H. Scott who have been encouraged by an act of this church to exercise their gifts in the ministry here and else where, twelve months ago

      And The propriety of this church takening up again the Subject being Suggested it is agreed to.

      Where upon the brethren of this church and and the neighbouring Sister churches freely expressed advice their giatifycation of the efforts of the two young brethren in the ministry and expressed a wish that they Still be encouraged to press on ever leaning on the Lord for help and Strength

      The active sign of the church then being taken upon what had been said and expressed the church fully concured in the same. And that these brethren fully authorized are Ins Licensed to exercise their gifts accordingly

     Adjouned untill day in course

R. Kirtley Mod

      Church meeting of business began and held on the 3rd Saturday in April 1844 Pursuant to a regular adjournment in the court house in the town of Burlinton

      After the complaince of the rules of the church proceeded to business

      The Subject of a day to be appointed for the purpose of decication or Setting apart the new baptist meeting house in this town to the Lord taken up

[p. 38]
and agreed to owing to some uncertainty as to the completion or readiness of Said house (which has been in progress some time) the church defer fixing on that day
      Adjourned untill the day in course


R. Latimer c,l,c,k. R. Kirltey Mod

     Since the April meeting the members of this church generally being appri[s]ed of the new Meeting house being in a State of readiness to hold worship it is agreed and notice is accordingly given to meet in May next where the attention of the meeting will be called to the dedicating of the said meeting house to the use and service of The one true and living God, by by brtoher Asa Drury who has promises promised to be in attendance, brother Robert Kirltey being Absent

      Third Saturday in May 1844

      The Baptist church at Burlington met according to previous arrangements in the new meeting house Brother Asa Drury being in attendance according to promise and preached the dedicating Sermon. After which the attention of the [blurred m/f] called by the brother Moderator to business of the Same and being no matter of business to claim the attention of the church. An Adjournemtn is called for an agreed to untill the next of business in ocurse

R. Latimer C,l,c,k S. G. Scott Mod.
[p. 39]
      Church Meeting of business began and held on the 3rd Saturday in June 1844 pursuant to an adjournment in the new Baptist meeting house in the town of Burlington

      After the complaince of the rules of this church She proceeded to business

      On the application of Sister Eliza A Oliver late E. A. Percival by brother R. Latimer A Letter of dismission is granted her. Brother J. M. Frost having arrived here yesterday evening and proposes to continue a few days preach and being no further businesss untill the next meeting of business in course and let a Small portion of time be occupied by brother Frost in preaching which is agreed to


R. Latimer C,l,c, S. G. Scott Mod

Meeting continued untill the 4th Sunday evening in June 1844 by brother J. M. Frost and assisted a portion of the time by brother Asa Drury during which time there were seven received. by experience andBaptism (to wit) Catharine Green Elizabeth Green Agnes R. Scott Elizabeth Wilks Ann a coloured woman belonging [to] brother N. Green & Amelia Calvert

[p. 40]
which last named (to wit) Sister Clavert being previous baptised but from her own Statement not until after she had entertained a hope in the Saviour
      By letter Sinthy Craven

     Church Meeting of business began and held at the Baptist Meeting house in the town of Burlington on the 3rd Saturday in July 1844

      After the complaince of the rules of this church proceded to business

      Motioned and agreed that this church appoint some person to write a communication to the next North Bend Association of Baptist to be held at the 1st Covington Baptist Meeting house in the city of Covington commencing on the 3rd Friday in August next 1844. Also to appoint messengers to to bear the Same

      Motioned and agreed that the number of five be appointed (to wit) Brethren Mills Wilks. Squire G. Scott. George H. Scott P. C. Scott and Randal Latimer and that Brethren Randal Latimer and Perryander C. Scott be appointed to write the communication aforesaid and Submit the same to this church at her next meeting of business

      On motion of Brother Squire G. Scott to be released from the duties of Keeping the house.

[p. 41]
which is agreed to; he having moved Some distance from meeting house

      And that the brother deacon be looked to as the house Keeper

      Motioned and agreed that this church now adjourn from business untill Wednesday at 4 O'Clock before the third Friday in August next

attest R. Latimer C,l,c,k
Robert Kirtley Mod

      A meeting of business of the Baptist Church of Christ at Burlington Wednesday evening before the third Friday and Saturday in August 1844 pursuant to an adjournemnt

      After the compliance of the rules. The Church prodeeded to business

      Brethren to whom the business of writing the letter to the North bend Association was committed, produced the Same which was read, adopted and ordered to be recorded (see page 42) according to a rule of this church

      Brother George H Scott who had been referred ed, by this church at her Nov. meeting to write to the Baptist church at Davis fork Fayette Cty Ky relative to the Standing of Horace a colloured man belonging Wm. C Coleman who was taken under the watch care of this church report that he has received a letter of dismission for said Horace which is produced and he the said Horace being present is received accordingly in full fellowship in this church according to the rules of the Same Adjourned to day in course

R. Latimer C,l,k S. G. Scott Mod'tr
[p. 42]
The baptist Church of Christ at Burlington Boone Cty Kentucky
To their brethren of the Northbend Association of Baaptist when meet at 1st Covington Baptist meeting house in the city of Covington on the 3rd Friday in August next
Dear brethren.
It is through the goodness and for bearance of the Lord to wards us that we again are permitted to make another communication to you relative to our State and condition with and expression of gratitude to Him for the Same, and whilst we are thus purmitted to express the goodness of the Lord our desire is that we may be enabled to realize a full sense of these same truths within. Since our last communication to you we have enjoyed peace at home and with those by whom we are surrounded, and have enjoyed Many happy privileges of hearing the gospel preached and have been made to rejoice in hearing others tell what things the Lord had done for them. Although we have not been blessed with as fruitfull Seasons as others have been in days that are past and gone we have an abundance of reason to thank the Lord for what we - have Seen and felt and that things are as well with us as they are. We are a young and newly constituted church as is well known to you with but very few white male members a majority of whom are young and unexperienced a sense of which to us Some times is discouraging, but we hope we have been encouraged
[p. 43]
and comforted from the promises of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that notwithstanding there are but few here upon whom the duties of this Church devolve, that he will Support and Sustain His cause in the hands of the few as well as the many with those who have the love of God and well fair of Zion at heart; and as Such we trust our great desire is to be found: Taking the word of God as the man of our council, desiring earnestly, more and more to be enabled to walk in his footsteps and to follow the precepts and examples of Jesus Christ to the Glory of God to whom Glory and everlasting praises are forever due.

      The State of this church is as follows received by experienced and baptism Nine by Letter three, dismissed by letter two excluded one total number at present forty three

      We have regular, preaching once a month and regular Social meetings once a - week and some times oftener and have been highly favoured with the visits of preaching brethren from a distance during the last year

      For further particulars we refer you to our brethren, Mills Wilks, Squire G. Scott George H. Scott, P. C. Scott and Randal Latimer who are requested to bear this communication and to whom we recommend to your christian confidence and fellow ship and to sit in council with you

      Brethren we hope our desire and prayer

[p. 44]
is for the welfare of Zion to this and that truth may prevail the love of God abound and and that many who are yet out of the ark of Safety may be brought Savingly to the knowledge of the truth as it in Jesus and be made to taste of those Joys that flow from on high. Brethren pray for us Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, that great Shepperd of the Sheep through the blood of the everlasting covenant. Make us all perfect in in every good work to do his will work ing in us that which is well pleasing in his Sight through Jesus Christ to whom be Glory for ever and ever       Amen
attest Done by order of the church
R. Latimer C,l,c,k S. G. Scott Mod'tr

      A Meeting of business of the Baptist Church of Christ at Burlington 3rd Saturday in Sept 1844

      After the complaince of the rules of this chrch She proceeded to business

      Brother John Garnett from Bulletsburgh church made a request on the part of that church for helps to assist in the ordination of brother Jame Kirtley to the ministry on the 1st Saturday in Oct. next which is granted and that this church send three (to wit) Brethren Mills Wilk G. H. Scott & Randal Latimer

[p. 45]
     Its motioned and agreed that brethren George H. Scott and P. C. Scott have certified coppies of their standing as members in good standing and full fellow ship Also that they are regular Licenciates whose course have been approved and that they are still encouraged to exercise their gifts in the ministry at home and abroad as God in his Providence may direct.

      Also it is motioned and agreed that next thrusday the 26th day of this month be set apart for humiliation prayer and thanksgiving to God for the may blessing we are permitted to enjoy and for the continuation of the same, according to the request of the governor of Kentucky

      One motion the church agree that we approve of the course and do encourage brother Randal Latimer to exercise in Publick in that way he may feel free so to do

     Adjourned to the meeting in course

R. Latimer C,l,c,k S. G. Scott Mod
[p. 46]
At a meeting of business of the Baptist Church at Burlington, Boone County, KY, the third Saturday in Oct. 1844.

      After the compliance of the several rules of this church, she proceeded to business

      Bro. G. H. Scott, one of the helps appointed at the last meeting to assist the Bullittsburg church in the ordination of brother James A. Kirtley to the ministry, reported that the most of the helps attended, and that the ordination was gone into --

      At the request of sister Lucy Kingsolving a letter of dismission is granted to her -

      Also on application of brother Randal Latimer, letters of dismission were granted to himself and his wife sister Nancy Latimer, and his daughter sister Sarah J. Latimer. -

      Motioned and agreed to take up the subject of the appoiintment of another clerk and a reference be made to the next meeting -

R. Latimer, Clk. - S. G. Scott, Mod.

      At a meeting of business of the Baptist church at Burlington, the third Sat. in Nov. 1844.

      After complaince with the several rules of the church proceeded to business -

      On motion it was agreed that the reference to this meeting with regard to the choice of a clerk be continued to the next meeting, as there were but few of the brethren in atttendance - Adjournment being called for was agreed to -

J. A. Kirtley C,k. pro.tem - S. G. scott, Mod. [p. 47]
      At a church meeting held for the Church at Burlington, Boone Co., Ky. on the third Saturday December 21st 1844. the church proceeded to business -

      Having complied with the several rules of the Church, proceeded to business - the church proceeded to business -

      The reeferences respecting the choice of another clerk was taken up, and on motion it was agreed that brother Lewis Webb be requestd to act as clerk of this church until one shall be duly appointed - the church proceeded to business -

      Bro. Webb being rpesent consented to serve. - the church proceeded to business -

      On motion of Bro. S. G. Scott, it was agreed that brother Geo. H. Scott be appointed to act as moderator of this church, whon consented to serve in that office in future. the church proceeded to business -

      It was also requested by the afs'd S. G. Scott for himself to be released from acting as moderator of this church in future - The matter was taken up and after deliberation, his request was granted -

           Attest - Lewis Webb Ck.
           Robert Kirtley Mod.

Churchbook, 1845

[From a microfilm copy of the church records located at Boone County Public Library, Scheben Branch, Union, KY. The grammar and spelling are unchanged. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall]

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