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Big Bone Baptist Churchbook Boone County, Kentucky Book 1 May 1843 Index
Big Bone C Con'st, May 25th 1843 Page 4
Articles of Faith 6
Males Members 9-10
Females Members 11-12
Colerd Members 13
Trustees of Sd church 14
Rules of Decorum 17, 18, 19
To Record Church Letters 23
Deed 55
[There are two indexes in the front of the Churchbook - Jim Duvall]
Constitution of Big Bone church May 25th 1843 P 2
Members that was constuted 4
Covenant 5
Articles of Faith 6
Males members 9-10
Females Members 11-12
Colered Members 13
Church Meeting and Trustees 14
Rules of Decorum 17, 18, 19
The clerk to record church Letters 23
Deacon Apointed 29
Ordination of Deacon 32
Deed of Land 36-37
Building committy 38
The Supper 42
Burieng Ground 54
Report of Building Committy 58
Support of the Ministry 64
To Read the proceedings of last meeting 65
General assoation 78
Letter of Dismision 82
Publick Buring Ground 74

A List of Male Members
[Do = ditto.] Robert Huey = = = 1 Thomas Huey Do Do Do 2 Samuel Huey Do Do Do 3 Richard B. Johnson Do Do Do 4 Wm. Mason Do Do Do 5 Samuel Mason Do Do Do 6 James T? Mason Do Do Do 7 Thomas Mason Do Do Do 8 George Y? Johnson Do Do Do 9 Washington Huey Do Do Do 10 Henderson Davis Do Do Do 11 John C. Riley Do Do Do 12 Oscar Huey Do Do Do 13 Jacob Hardesty Do Do Do 14 Eron? Click Do Do Do 15 James T. Ryle Do Do Do 16 Edward Rice Do Do Do 17 Mathone Mchatten Do Do Do 18 Little Berry Ken? Do Do Do 19 Elzy Garison Do Do Do 20 Arthur Adams Do Do Do 21 Wm. G. Connelly Do Do Do 22 John S. Huey Do Do Do 23 Owen T. Crisler Do Do Do 24 Wm. H. Meir? Do Do Do 25 Samuel Wilson Do Do Do 26 Wm. Glore Do Do Do 27 Joseph L. Hawkins Do Do Do 28 John L. Hiller Do Do Do 29 James Henderson Do Do Do 30 Wm. S. Huey Do Do Do 31 John Jones Do Do Do 32 John MItchel Do Do Do 33 Roger Clement Do Do Do 34 Dury Bondurant Do Do Do 35 Charles Alen Do Do Do 36 Johnson Mason Do Do Do 37 Wm. Laurrence? Do Do Do 38 James Miller Do Do Do 39 Marshal Click Do Do Do 40 excluded Benjamin Alen Do Do Do 41 Wm. D. L? Do Do Do 42 Richard Clemens Do Do Do 43 Renny? Smith Do Do Do 44 Calbert ? Do Do Do 45 Samuel Glore Do Do Do 46 Edward Sanford Do Do Do 47 James L. Huey Do Do Do 48 James T. Huey Do Do Do 49 Washington Welden Do Do Do 50 John Rusel K Grimlsley Do Do Do 51 Fisher Michel Do Do Do 52 Frank Williams Do Do Do 53 William Smith Do Do Do 54 William R. Johnson Do Do Sept 55 By exp. Sept 1856 Baptized Oct 1856 Meridelt P. Neal By Letter Oct 1856 56 William Collins By exp. Jany 1859 baptized May? Marshal M. Mcmahama By exp. May 1857 bap. May 1857 Jeremiah Weaver By exp. June 7 1857 Bap. June 28 1857 William H. Utz By exp. June 27 1857 Bap. June 28 1857 Oliver McClain By exp. July 4th 1857 Bapt. Do 1857 William Adams By exp. July 4th 1857 Bapt. Do 1857 Paul W. Spooner? By ex. Dec 12 Bap. Do 13th 1857 Moses L. Weaver By ex. and Bap Nov. 16 1858 John T. Alen By ex. and Baptism Dec. Oct. the 6 1858 H. W. Grant By Letter March 1860 Oliver McClain By Letter Oct 18_?_ (unclear)


[This document is from a microfilm copy, Boone County Public Library, Main Branch, Burlington, KY. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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