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     Cave Johnson was a prominent citizen of Boone county, and a highly esteemed and enterprising church member. He was born in Orange county, Va., November 15, 1760. After a term of service in the Revolutionary War, he came to Kentucky, in April, 1779. He remained for a time, in Bryant's Station, in Fayette county. In 1784, he married and settled in Woodford county. He was one of the trustees appointed to lay off the town of Versailles, in 1792. In 1796, he moved to what is now Boone county, which county he represented in the Legislature, in 1817. He united with Bullittsburg [Baptist] church, by letter, soon after he moved to Boone county. In 1819, he went into the constitution of Sand Run church. Of him, Elder Robert E. Kirtley says: "He was a man of strong, vigorous intellect, with enlightened views of christian character, and enlightened views of christian benevolence, * * * and hence was in the lead of his time for educating the ministry." He contributed $500 for the endowment of Georgetown College, under the Presidency of Dr. Giddings. He labored and contributed for the endowment of a Theological seminary at Covington, Ky. He considered it a privilege and pleasure to give for the enlargement and glory of the Kingdom of Christ. He died January 19, 1850, in the ninetieth year of his age.
[Taken from J. H. Spencer, editor, A History of Kentucky Baptists, Vol. 2, 1886; reprint, 1984, p. 149. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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