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     His life was interwoven with the early history of the Baptists of Kentucky. He was the principal instrument in the establishment of some twenty churches, and no man in Kentucky wielded a greater influence for good. - Samuel H. Ford
     "In fifty years past I suppose I have travelled at least an hundred thousand miles, and chiefly on the business of preaching, this would take me about four times round the globe on which we live." - John Taylor, History of Ten Churches, p. 160.

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John Taylor
Early Frontier Baptist Preacher
By James R. Duvall

John Taylor on the Perils of Frontier Preaching
A History of Ten Churches, 1823

John Taylor
Frontier Baptist Minister
Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, 1860

John Taylor
Virginia Baptist Ministers
James B. Taylor, 1859

John Taylor
The Christian Repository, 1859
By Samuel H. Ford

John Taylor
By Frank M. Masters, 1953
Kentucky Baptist History

The Amazing Conversion of John Taylor
By Ben Stratton

An Interesting Description of John Taylor
Frontier Baptist Minister

John Taylor's Affection for Young Preachers
The Christian Repository, 1856

John Taylor Gravesite
By Harold G. Polk


A History of Ten Baptist Churches
By John Taylor, 1823

"Thoughts on Missions"
By John Taylor, 1820

A History of Clear Creek Church
and Campbellism Exposed

By John Taylor, 1830

John Taylor on Discipline at Clear Creek
A History of Ten Churches, 1823

My Sermon at Absalom Graves' Funeral
Boone County, KY
By John Taylor, 1826

Elder John Leland's Letter to John Taylor

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