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"History of the Indian Kentucky Baptist Church"
Madison Baptist Association
     The Indian Kentucky Baptist Church was constituted in the year 1814, and united with the Silver Creek Association in the year 1815, which held its session in that year with the lower Blue River Church, (at that time there were twelve members belonging to the church,) and continued to represent herself in that body until the year 1827, when sixteen churches withdrew to organize the Coffee Creek Association, she being one of that number, became a member of that body, and continued to be until the year 1832, when she, with eleven other churches of the Coffee Creek Association, organized the Madison Association, in which body she continues to represent herself.

      This church was constituted with eight members, brethren Nicholas Yount, John Minor, Jacob Short, Abraham Lewis and their wives, at the house of Bro. Yount, who lived on the Crooked Creek road, about three miles southwest of the town of Canaan, Jefferson Co., Ind. At this early day the church met and worshiped in private houses among the members until 1818, when she built a log house 22 by 28 feet, on Tody's Branch, the waters of which falls into the west fork of Indian Kentucky Creek, near to the Monroe Mills, owned by Mr. Isaac Stout, (formerly by Beverly Vawter.) This building was not finished while it remained here, and the church continued to hold her meeting for worship among the members, and in 1820 removed their building about one and a half miles north, and rebuilt upon a site donated by brother John McCoy. In this house the church worshiped for 24 years, and enjoyed the labors of Elds. Jessee Vawter, James Alexander, (James Glover, licentiate,) Jacob Ryker, Wm. Blankinship, Jesse Miles and Ascher Smith, under whose labors the church was edified and built up. In the year 1826, the West Fork Baptist Church, Ripley Co., Ind., was constituted, and eleven members of this church, (Indian Kentucky,) was granted letters to form that church. Also, in the year 1828, the Hebron Church, Jefferson Co. Ind., was constituted, and eleven members were dismissed by letter to form that organization. These churches are laboring to sustain the cause of Christ in their midst and to show forth the declarative glory of God among the children of men.

      In the year 1844, the Indian Kentucky Church, removed one mile east and erected a stone building 40 by 50 feet, costing them about $1,200, and after occupying it 21 years, took it down on account of a defect in its foundation, and rebuilt on the same ground. This building is finished, and cost about $2,600. In these latter years the church had the labors of Elds. Ascher Ward, Joshua Griffith, Robert Stevenson, and James Stevenson, who is their present minister.

      The full statistics of the church cannot be given, on account of some of the early records being lost. The first minutes that appear, are Saturday, January 2d, 1818, some four years after her organization. From this date her books show that 264 persons have united with her by experience and baptism; 131 by letter, and 41 by relation, making in all 436 -- a small number for the length of time this church has been in existence. It would be well for the churches that compose this body, and indeed all other churches, to enquire for what purpose are churches organized; that catching the spirit of their profession more than ever, and with the help of' God, go forward in the great work of the conversion of the children of men, to the praise of the riches of God's grace.


[From Madison Baptist Association Minutes, 1870, pp. 7-8. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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