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     Welcome to the BAPTIST HISTORY HOMEPAGE: A Source for Original Baptist Documents!

      This Website was begun in late 2002 and the response has been pleasing with more than a million and a half visits [2017]. When I began this project with some local Baptist Circular Letters, I did a google search and got only one response to "Baptist Circular Letters" - it was on a British site. There are now more than 400 Circular Letters available via this site.

     There is lots of Baptist history available but much of it was limited to special library collections before the Internet became so accessible. Many of the documents have had limited distribution. I have located information in various places; I have often used the Southern Baptist Seminary Library in Louisville, which has a "gold mine" of Baptist history. The archivists there are extremely helpful.

     There are now several thousand documents on this site, also more than six hundred links to Baptist documents via Google Books and others. They are an eclectic assortment; their quality is uneven - some are well-written articles while others are less so. Some are very important, some not so important. I have left the documents 'as they are' except where I use [ ] to show a change or at the end of the article I indicate a change of the title or that I've added a title to a document that had no title. The grammar and spelling of the original are retained. These Baptist documents are interesting to me and I hope many will be to you as well. The items posted here are "public domain" material. None of these is copyrighted, though if anyone should use material from the site somewhere else, it will be appreciated if credit to this site is given. Essays I have written are not copyrighted; the same courtesy of acknowledgement is appreciated.

     I graduated from Campbellsville (KY) University with a BA in History/English and received the MA in history from Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee. I pastored more than twenty-two years and have worked in pharmaceutical sales. I have been interested in Baptist history for many years and have been collecting Baptist historical items for some time.

     Thanks for visitng the site; come back often to view additional items being posted. The most recently posted documents are here.

James R. Duvall


Baptist History Homepage