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     The following is from the statement of the constitution of the Pigeon Creek Baptist Church in southern Indiana. The Bakers Creek Baptist Church, also in Spencer County, was helped in her constitution by Elders Thomas Down and John Weldon, the same ordained brethren who assisted in the Pigeon Creek church constitution.

Pigeon Creek Baptist Church
Pioneer Baptist Church in Indiana
Thomas Lincoln was a Member
[President Abraham Lincoln's Father]

Little Pigeon Baptist Churchbook:
[Spelling and grammar are unchanged.]

The Church of Christ Constituted by the Regular Baptist at Pigeon Creek 1816

Saterday June the 8 1816 the Babtist Church of Jesus Christ knone by the name of pigean church Warreen County Indeanne Teritory was Constituted by Brothers John Weldon & Thos. Downs a presbaty cald for that purpose whos names numbers & articles of faith and Government are as follows First the church chose B Samuel Bristow moderrater and thomas Downs Clak for the meting

[Pages 2 & 3]
we believe in one god the Father the word & the holliest who haith created all things that are created by the word of his power for his pleasure.

we believe the old & new testaments are the words of god thare are every thing Contained thare in nessessary For mans salvation & rule of faith and practice.

We belive in the fall of man in his public head & that he is Encapable of recovery un less restorired by Christ

we be live in Election by grace given us in Christ Jessus Before the world began & that God Cawls regenerates & and santifies all who are made meat for glory by his special grace

we believe the righteous will preservere throw grace to glory & none of them fineley fawl away

we believe in a general resurrection of the Just and unJust and the Joys of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked are Eturnel

We believe that Good works are the fruits of Grace and follow after Justification

We believe that babtism and the lords supper are ordenances of Jesus Christ and the true belivers are the only proper subjects and the only proper mode of babtism is immertion

we belive the washing of feet is a command to be complide with when opportunity serves.

we belive it is our duty severally to seport the lord's table and that we orght to administer the lords supper at lest twise a year.

we belive that no minister ought to preach the gospel that is not calld and sent og [of] god and they are to be proven by hiering them & we allow of none to preach Amongst us but such as are well recommended And that we aurght to Contribute to him who Faithfully Labers Amongst us in word and Docttrin According to our severrel abilities of our temporal. . . [MS torn]


Early History of Bakers Creek Baptist Church
From the Churchbook

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"Bakers Church of United Baptists was constituted in the year 1818, mainly of members holding a joint letter from Ohio church for that purpose. The presbytery, constituting the church consisted of Elders Thomas Downs, Benjamin Talbot and John Weldon. David Luce was the first Deacon and Abner Luce the first Clerk. The church affiliated with an association in Kentucky in the fall of 1818. The first record was found in the minutes of the June Meeting of 1818."

The Doctrinal Statement of the United Baptist at Bakers Creek - 1818

1 We believe in the Holy Trinity the Father, The Word and the Holy Ghost but one God in Substance who hath created all things by his word for his pleasure.

2 We Believe that the Old and New Testament is God word and therein is everything revealed necessary for mans salvation and rule of Faith and Practice.

3 We believe in the fall of Man in his Public head and that are incapable of recovery unless restored by Christ.

4 We believe in Election of Grace through Christ that men are called and saved alone by virtue of Christ Righteousness.

5 We believe that God calls regenerates and Sanctifies all that is made mete for glory by his special Grace.

6 We believe the saints will persevere through Grace to glory and none finally fall away.

7 We believe that the joys of the righteous the punishment of the wicked are eternal.

8 We believe Baptism to be an ordinance of Christ by way of immersion and none has aright thereto but penitent believers

9 The Lord Supper is of divine institution to be administered by and received by none but real Christians

10 We believe that washing of feet is a command to be complied with when opportunity serves

11 We believe that it is our duty severally to support the Lords Table and that the sacrament ought to be received twice a year if convenient.

12 We believe that no minister ought to preach that is not called and sent of God and that they are to be proved by hearing of them and we allow none to preach among us but such as is well recommended and that we ought to contribute according too circumstances to him that faithfully labors amongst us.


      Abraham Lincoln's father was a member of Pigeon Creek while the family lived in Indiana.

Thomas Downs' Gravesite

Thos. Downs
Born in Pa
Aug 3 1773
Came to Ky 1782
Feb 8 1850


[This information and picture were provided by Pastor Carl Jones, Rockford, IN. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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