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Immersion of the Rector of St. Peters
From the Christian Chronicle
Via the Tennesse Baptist, 1848
      Winchester. - We learn from the London Patriot, that the cathedral town of Winchester, has been thrown into considerable excitement by the public immersion of the Rev. C. Proby, rector of St. Peter's, in that city. The particulars are, we believe, as follows: - The Rev. J. Branch, minister of the Baptist chapel, Waterloo Road, London, attended and took part, some time ago, at a public meeting in Winchester, where Mr. Proby was present. After the meeting, a conversation took place. Mr. Branch gave his views on the subject of baptism; he found Mr. Proby had been doubling for a long period upon the subject. Last Sunday, Mr. Branch again visited Winchester, to preach there in behalf of the Sunday school, when he received a request from the Rector of St. Peter's to baptize him, which he did accordingly in a running brook, in the presence of between one and two hundred persons, after the Rector had made a solemn and public profession of his faith. In the afternoon, the Rector partook of the Lord's Supper at the Baptist chapel, and in the evening preached a sermon at St. Peter's church, although forbidden by the church wardens, stating what he had done, and giving his views on the subject of baptism. We understand that Mr. Proby immediately informed his Dioccsen of the whole matter; the result, of course, is his immediate suspension. Time will show what further [developes].

[From the Tennessee Baptist, August 8, 1848, CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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