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Calvary Baptist Church
Cairo, Illinois
      This church was organized September 8, 1897, in the hall room of the Hibernian Engine House, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Douglas Streets by Elder J. W. Hunsaker, Anna, Illinois, as Moderator, and Elder E. B. Sullivan, Wickliffe, Kentucky, pastor of Lake Milligan Church, in Illinois, as clerk and assisted by J. B. Anderson, F. D. Atherton, and W. R. Lane, as deacons. There were eighty-one (81) persons who entered into the new organization, becoming its constituent members, almost all of whom were well known citizens of Cairo. The majority of them came out of the Cairo Baptist Church, located at the northeast corner of 10th and Poplar Streets, which was the first Baptist Church organized in Cairo. This latter church has since gone into the Southern Illinois Association, a body composed of churches, many of whom accept alien immersion and open communion - practices opposed tO the teachings of the great leaders of our denomination.

      Calvary Baptist Church was connected with the Clear Creek local association and was affiliated with the Illinois Baptist State Association, and is an auxiiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention, three bodies, all of which were loyal to the doctrines and traditions handed down to us by our illustrious forefathers.

      Following is a list of pastors of Calvary Baptist Church:

George P. Hoster, D. D., from 1897-1900
Elder W, C. Rutherford, 1900-1903
Elder R. A. Sickles, 1903-1904
Elder S. P. Mahoney, 1904-1907
L. D. Base, D. D., 1907-1908
L. G. Graham, D. D., M. D., 1908-1912
Elder J. R. Clark, 1912-1913
Elder J. H. Pennock, 1913-1916
Elder T. W. Tate, 1916-1917
M. L. Turner, 1918-1920
C. E. Azbill, 1921
Edward Lee Stovall, D. D., B. D., 1921-1924
[The Calvary Baptist Church later changed its name to the First Southern Baptist Church of Cairo, Illinois. This document was compiled for the celebration of the retirement of all bonded indebtedness on the building. The document was provided by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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