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Eld. R. V. Blalock, Caldwell, Idaho.

      Our tent meeting that Elders Reynolds and McCart held for Antioch church closed June 7th. We had some good preaching of the Word. We had fair crowds most of the time, but very few non-professors attended. There was one profession. Bros. McCart and Reynolds went from here to the Middle Oregon Baptist Association, which met in Prineville, Oregon, June 10-14. The writer had the pleasure of attending it, and it was a great association. The ministers who preached were Elders J. T. Moore, McCart, T. E. Griffith, A. S. Simmons, J. W. Black, J. L. Whitmore, J. L. Sampels, L. B. Sigle, W. A. Heard, J. E. Tooke, and this scribe. They all seemed to excel themselves in their preaching, especially in length, except this writer. Brother Tooke and Brother Heard spoke only twenty-five or thirty minutes. But Brother Moore gave us two hours, and the message was crowded full of great Baptist doctrine. Some of the others preached an hour and a half, and the people seemed to enjoy every minute. There were two professions during the association. It was good to be there.

      The association goes to Mitchell, Oregon, next year. If you want to attend a combination of a revival and a theological institute, just attend one of these Middle Oregon Baptist Associations.

      Evangtlist McCart was recommended as a general evangelist for this coast. The writer was recommended as a missionary to go where the Spirit leads. I am leaving Friday for Spokane, Washington, and northern Idaho to do mission work. I plan moving up in that country this fall. It is a great mission field for true Baptists. Spokane is a city of 116,000 people, and is without a true independent Baptist church in it. By the grace of God I shall try to plant the truth there, and organize a true church in that city. Antioch church of this place has called Elder J. E. Tooke as pastor. I now feel free to leave here and go to that great field. Pray for me in my work. I go in His name, trusing him to supply our needs.


[[From T.P. (Thomas Paul) Simmons, editor, The Baptist Examiner, No. 2, Ausust 1, 1931, p. 7. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.] Baptist History Homepage