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Louisville, Ky., Apr. 28, 1908.

Editor of The Baptist Argus, Louisville, Ky.

My Dear Brother --
      I beg a small space for a personal statement concerning the charge which was made against me in last week's issue of The Western Recorder, that I have been disloyal to the true interests of The Western Recorder. I sent The Western Recorder an itemized statement denying the charge that was made and giving specific proof, which proof cannot be controverted. The Western Recorder has declined to publish my defence after making the personal attack. I do not care to burden the readers of The Baptist Argus with the specific items which I furnished to The Western Recorder and which concerned the readers of that paper. I will, however, say this, that the ground of difference between me and The Western Recorder last summer was on the general question of the policy of the paper. Instead of a lukewarm half-hearted support of some denominational agencies such as Women's Work, Young People's Societies, Women's Training School, and the Laymen's Movement, and our Seminary, I favored a most cheerful and aggressive support of these, as I did all denominational interests. This policy, on account of environment, meant a ceaseless conflict. When I saw that the policy of the paper could not be held to a line of peace and progress, I severed my connection with the paper, as I had a perfect right to do. I did not go to the succor of The Baptist Argus, as The Western Recorder charged. When a company of honored Baptist brethren joined with me in the organization of The Baptist World Publishing Company, The Baptist Argus was offered to us for sale, and we have purchased it, as we have the right to purchase any other Baptist paper which is offered to us upon terms which are suitable to the Board of Directors. I have specifications and proofs in detail for all the above, and they can be produced if necessary.      Yours fraternally,
     W. P. HARVEY.


[From The Baptist Argus, April 30, 1908, p. 21; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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