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     J.H. Grime, {1851-1941} was a noted Baptist pastor in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. In Kentucky he pastored in Barren and Warren Counties. He was an associate editor for the Tennessee Baptist and Reflector newspaper and authored a number of books, including A History of Alien Immersion and Valid Baptism.
Influence of a Scriptural Baptism
By J.H. Grime

      “The following incident connects with a certain church in the State of Kentucky, where I was once pastor. During my pastorate the members gave me the details as follows:

      In that community lived an infidel who had not darkened a church door for more than forty years. Two young ladies, of both culture and wealth, were converted and united with the church; and the time set for them to be baptized. The place for baptizing was a pond not far from where this infidel lived, that became somewhat stagnant and filthy in the hot season. This infidel quizzed in his mind: “Will these beautiful, refined, and wealthy young women go down into that filthy mud-hole?” He doubted it. So when the time came he slipped down to the pond and sat down on the opposite side of the pond, from where the baptizing would take place, to watch the proceedings. Soon a little band of devout worshipers assembled and among them the two young women clothed in snow-white robes. The man of God made a few remarks in regard to the design of baptism, then led a fervent prayer, after which they sang “Am I a Soldier of the Cross,” etc. He then led the two young ladies into the pond and baptized them. Their clothes were soiled with the mud. The infidel stood and watched them as they walked to the shore with bright and glad faces, and fell into the arms of loved ones. He heard the sound of rejoicing as he walked away toward his home.

      The question: “What made those girls do that?” A few steps further. “What made them girls do that?” “I don’t know.” A few steps further: “What made them girls do that?” “I don’t know and I don’t care.” But that one question stayed with him. He couldn’t eat supper. Finally he said: “I am going to bed, go to sleep and forget this thing.” He did go to bed, but sleep would not come to his relief. He rolled until about two o’clock when he said to himself: “I must have relief or I will die.” Out of the bed he came, and on his knees he went, and confessed that “them girls have something I haven’t.” He confessed his sin and begged for light. The light shone in and the matter was settled. The matter remained between him and the Lord until the next business meeting of the church when he came to church and presented himself for membership and related his story essentially as it is recorded here. He stated that he wanted to be baptized right where those girls were.” J.H. Grime


[From J.H. Grime, Recollections of a Long Life; via Ben Stratton and The West Kentucky Baptist website, 2015. Scanned and Formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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