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Alfred C. Graves, D. D.
Baptist Pastor and Editor
     Alfred C. Graves,, D. D., a great-grandson of Absalom Graves, was born in Boone Co., Ky., Jan. 5, 1838. He united with Bullittsburg Baptist church in 1853. In 1855 the church "encouraged him to exercise his gift." He was educated at Georgetown College, and finished his course in theology at the Western Baptist Theological Seminary, [Covington] Ky., in 1860. He was ordained to the ministry, and took charge of the Baptist church at Harrodsburg, Ky., the same year. In 1863 he was pastor of Jefferson Street church in Louisville, also edited the Western Recorder several years, and supplied the pulpit of Portland Avenue church. While in Louisville, he wrote "La Rue's Ministry of Faith," which passed through two editions. In 1867 he took charge of Stamping Ground church, in Scott Co., Ky. In 1871 he accepted a call to the Baptist church in Manchester, N. H. He remained there about six years. During this pastorate the church built a house of worship, at a cost of $75,000, and received 171 members. In 1877, his health being impaired, he returned to his native State, and soon afterwards took charge of the Baptist church at Lebanon, Ky., where he now ministers.

[From William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881; reprint, 1988, p. 465.]

     At the same time Alfred C. Graves, then quite a youth, was encouraged to exercise his gift, publicly in the bounds of the church. That encouragement was renewed by a unanimous vote of the church in January, 1858.

     In September, 1859, during his college course, the church fully licensed him "to preach the Gospel wherever God in his providence should cast his lot;" and in September, 1860, on the second day of the session of the North-Bend Association, held at Bullittsburg, at the request of the church and the council, consisting of the messengers of the churches to the association, he was by the ministers in attendance, ordained to the work of the ministry. Since then he has been usefully employed in the Master's service, for a time as pastor; then editor of our State paper, and pastor of the First Baptist Church in Manchester, New Hampshire.


[From James A. Kirtley, History of Bullittsburg Church, 1872, p. 33.

     The following is from the Long Run Baptist Association Minutes, 1863. This is from an "Abstract of Church Letters" sent to the Association that year:
      Jefferson Street, Louisville. Rev. A. C. Graves has recently become the pastor, and is meeting with encouraging success in his labors. This church has the largest Sunday-school in the city, and many other evidences of prosperity are apparent.
      In 1883 A. C. Graves was the chosen as the preacher for the annual meeting the General Association of Baptists of Kentucky, convening at Mt. Sterling that year.
[Wm. D. Nowlin, Kentucky Baptist History, p. 128. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall]

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