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Rockwood Giddings
The Baptist Argus, 1897

Rockwood Giddings was born August 8, 1812, in New Hampshire; was converted in boyhood; after attending the country schools, entered Waterville College; graduated in in 1833, and removed to Virginia; studied medicine and came to Warsaw, Ky. Had long felt called to preach, and was ordained in 1835 and became pastor at Shelbyville, Ky. He was wonderfully successful, his winning manner and marvelous consecration impressed every one. After attending the General Association in 1837 at Louisville his efforts for higher education lead to his becoming President of Georgetown College in September, 1838. It had neither faculty nor endowment. With almost superhuman efforts he organized a faculty, gathered a goodly number of students and secured $80,000 in notes within less than one year.

He then went everywhere preaching and working to raise $40,000 in cash. The strain was too severe, his delicate frame broke down, he sank in the pulpit while preaching, was carried home to Shelbyville and died October 29, 1839, aged twenty-seven years, two months and twenty-one days.


[From The Baptist Argus, November 11, 1897. p. 2; via Baylor U. on-line digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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