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     Robert Garnett was among the early preachers of North Bend Association. He is believed to have been a native of Virginia, whence he moved to Boone county, Ky., about 1800. He joined Bullittsburg church by letter, and was "encouraged to exercise his gift," in 1803. He soon afterwards moved his membership to Middle Creek church, where he was ordained to the ministry, in 1812. Here he preached till 1825. His gift was small; but he set a good example before numerous posterity. 1

     Garnett became the second pastor of Ten Mile Baptist Church in Gallatin County. Lafayette Johnson writes, "The church next called Eld. Robert Garnet, of Middle Creek, Boone county, to become her pastor, who served two or three years. This brother was born in Virginia, and first came to Kentucky about 1800. He became a member at Bullitsburg by letter, and in 1801 went into the constitution of Middle Creek. He was a man of medium talents, but zealous in the work of the Lord. From Middle Creek to Ten Mile meeting house was about thirty miles through an unsettled and very hilly country, yet he was generally present at his appointments. He passed away in 1825." 2



     1 J. H. Spencer, editor, A History of Kentucky Baptists, Vol. 2, 1886; reprint, 1984, p. 148.

     2 Lafayette Johnson, History of Ten Mile Baptist Church of Christ, 1804-1904, Louisville, KY.

[Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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