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The Origin of the Baptists
By Samuel H. Ford, 1860
1905 Edition


Where Did the Baptists Come From?

Chapter I
Century Eighteen
Baptists in Virginia

Chapter II
Century Seventeen
Baptists in England - Cromwell and the Stuarts

Chapter III
Century Sixteen
The Reformation - England

Chapter IV
Century Fifteen
Wales, Bohemia & Germany

Chapter V
Century Fourteen
Wickliffe and the Lollards

Chapter VI
Century Thirteen
Pete de Brue

Chapter VII
Century Twelve
Henry of Lausanne, Peter de Bruis (Bruys) & Arnold of Brescia

Chapter VIII
Century Ten
Baptists in Italy & Paulicians

Chapter IX
Century Eight

Chapter X
Century Seven

Chapter XI
Century Six

Chapter XII
Century Five

Chapter XIII
Century Three

Chapter XIV
Century Two

Chapter XV
Century One
The Primmitive Churches

[From: S. H. Ford, The Origin of the Baptists, 1860, republished by the Baptist Sunday School Committee, 1905 edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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