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Harmony and Unity
Posted by R. L. Vaughn on 11.19.2020

      Those who think washing feet in church is odd and quaint often find humor at the expense of feet-washers. However, I suppose it does not hurt us to laugh at ourselves. It might be good medicine. R. Inman Johnson told the following (probably made-up) tale of the origin of the New Harmony Church:

“A little foot-washing Baptist church over in Georgia got concerned over the complication of the foot-washing procedure as the membership grew. By unanimous vote, they decided they’d wash just one foot instead of both feet. Then the church split over which foot to wash.”
      The Arkansas Baptist newsmagazine​ published this story November 16, 1961 (p. 23). The name of the church – New Harmony – provides a little hidden (or perhaps to some not so hidden) humor, and even sadness. Oh, how often we Baptists call our church splits Fellowship, Harmony, and Unity!

[Note: Robert Inman Johnson taught speech and music for 45 years at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. R. L. Vaughn's website is: - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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