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T. U. Fann, Van Lear, Ky

      "The Van Lear Baptist church is a coal camp mountain mission church. I came as pastor last November – 30 additions since and we have no meeting house. We meet in a show tent with dirt floor no light. But our church house will be finished, Lord willing, within three weeks. Please ask through your paper some church or churches to send us their old organ or piano and from 50 to 350 folding seats or chairs. We are hardly able to buy them. It can be arranged through Dr. Powell to receive credit for such a gift to State Missions.”

      T.U. Fann would later teach (1950s) part-time at Lexington Baptist College.

[From The Baptist World, Louisville, KY, April 30, 1914, p. 24. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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