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Ambrose Dudley's Land Grant for Military Service in Virginia
[He was the first pastor of Bryan Station Baptist Church, Fayette County, KY]
Note: f = s in this document.

Land-Office Military Warrant, No. 1168

To the principal SURVEYOR of the Land, fet apart for the Officers and Soldiers of the

Commonwealth of Virginia

           This ins’t [instrument] be your WARRANT to furvey and lay off in one or more
          furveys, for Ambrose Dudley heir at
law of Robert Dudley

his heirs affigns; the Quantity of two thousand, six
hundred, sixty six & 2/3

      Acres of Land, due unto the faid Ambrose Dudley heir
As aforesaid

In consideration of his Services for three years as a Lieutenant
in the Virginia continental army

Agreeable to a Certificate from the Governor and Council, which is received into the Land-Office.

     GIVEN under my Hand, and Seal of the faid Office, this 24th Day of
      June      in the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and 83


[Document researched by my son, James K. Duvall. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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