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      Since the last meeting of this Association, it has pleased God, in His all wise providence, to remove from us, by death, our very much beloved, highly honored, and greatly esteemed brother, the late Rev. R. T. DlLLARD.

      For more than fifty years, with scarcely any interruption, he was connected with this body, either as a delegate or its presiding officer. Some of us knew him during all this long period; but most remember him as he moved among us in the later years of his life, imparting his wise counsels, and speaking words of consolation, while he himself was standing on the very verge of Heaven.

      It is seldom that one is permitted to accomplish so much for his blessed Lord and Master, as was graciously granted to our lamented brother. Very many, saved by his instrumentality, stood ready to welcome his freed spirit to that bright home in his Father's house where there are many mansions. From that world of glory, he looks down to-day upon this convocation of the Elkhorn Association, and his pure spirit feels a deep interest in the great work in which we are engaged.

      He has passed away forever from our mortal vision, and, at the close of these annual gatherings we can no more feel the warm pressure of his hand, nor join with him in those songs of praise and devotion. But we can never forget him, and in view of this sad and afflictive providence,

      Resolved, That this Association cherish with warm affection and deep veneration the memory of our departed brother.

      Resolved, That his Godly walk, untiring zeal, and earnest consecration in the cause of Christ, are eminently worthy of our imitation.

     D. THOMAS,\
     ISAAC P. SHELBY.\ Committee.


[From Elkhorn Baptist Association Minutes, 1879, p. 20. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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