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Pastor C. D. Cole, one of our contributing editors, has resigned his work at Titusville, Fla., and has accepted the pastorate of Hopewell Baptist Church, near Plant City, Fla. The pastorate of the Hopewell Baptist Church was made vacant by the going of Pastor Roy Mason to Tampa. In addition to his pastoral duties, Brother Cole is to teach in the Baptist Bible School of South Florida, which school is located at Plant City. We congratulate the Hopewell church and the Bible school in securing the services of so capable a pastor and teacher. If the Bible school had searched the country over, they could not have found a better and more suitable teacher. They should consider themselves greatly favored of the Lord. It is encouraging to know that there is in Florida a Bible school where preachers are instructed by such men as C. D. Cole, Roy Mason, and D. F. Sebastian. This guarantees that those who attend this school will be grounded in sound Bible doctrine. Along with other benefits, they will be established against Arminianism and high-pressure evangelism, two of the greatest curses and menaces of this day. We need schools of this kind all over the country.

We give herewith a copy of the resolutions adopted by the church at Titusville on the going of Brother Cole:

"WHEREAS, our beloved pastor, Rev. C. D. Cole, has tendered his resignation and same has been accepted.

"NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Church, in conference assembled:

"FIRST: That we fondly cherish the happy personal contacts which have resulted from our associations and Sister Cole.

"SECONDLY: That while their ministry has been comparatively brief here, still, we are constrained to believe our Church has been spiritually enriched by their sojourn with us.

"THIRDLY: That although we feel a keen personal loss in their departure from our midst, yet we sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit, who sent them to us, is leading them into another field white unto the harvest. Only such a belief enables us to accept our sacrifice resignedly.

"FOURTHLY: We heartily commend Brother and Sister Cole to the good people at Hopewell, and we pray that their ministry there may prove as pleasant and fruitful as it has been with us.

"FIFTHLY: That a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this Church; that a copy be furnished to Brother and Sister Cole; and that a copy be furnished the Baptist Witness, the Faith and Life, The Baptist Examiner, Star-Advocate, for publication.
Resolution Committee."


[From: T. P. Simmons, editor, The Baptist Examiner, December 1, 1931, p. 8. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall]

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