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Welcome to Kentucky, Dr. J. M. Carroll
Western Recorder, 1929
      WE DO not remember just the age of Dr. J. M. Carroll of San Antonio, Texas, but he has been preaching fifty-six years, and until November, 1927, when he happened to a severe and dangerous automobile accident, he had missed only twelve Sundays from preaching service through all the years.

      Last week Doctor Carroll arrived in Louisville to begin a series of special services in a number of churches in Kentucky. While here he was visiting Mrs. S. E. Woody, who is a beloved expatriate of Texas and a long-time friend of Doctor Carroll and his family.

      The engagements of Doctor Carroll in Kentucky include service with Pastor Hunter at Somerset, Pastor Tew at Richmond, Pastor Knight of Harrodsburg, and service in one of our churches at Lexington, the name of which has at the moment, slipped a cog in memory. Also Doctor Carroll spoke at the Broadway Church in Louisville.

      We wish this venerable and beloved man of God every happiness in his weeks of service in Kentucky. The automobile accident was so severe that it is marvelous that Doctor Carroll recovered. By the kind providence of God he has recovered, however, and without any visible scars. While not as agile as he was in his magnificent physique, the doctor declared on his appreciated visit to our office that the accident in no wise limited his power in preaching the gospel.

      The doctor is greatly beloved in Texas, where our brethren keep him very busy writing books and the kind of articles that require painstaking and continued work - the kind that is so much needed and that the other fellow usually thinks he cannot take time to write. We regret that this burden, coupled as it is in the case of Doctor Carroll and other Baptist seers like him with no pay for the service adequate to justify him employing the facilities he needs, is not leaving him time to write for denominational press and give the brotherhood the advantage of his mature thoughts and counsels.

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