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The Baptists of the Dominion of Canada
By Professor Albert Henry Newman, 1901

Early Canadian Baptists
A Short History of the Baptists
By Henry C. Vedder, 1907

Canadian Baptists
"Historical Sketch of the Baptists in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland"
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
William Cathcart, Editor

Canadian Baptist History
A Maritime Baptist Church Covenant, 1832

History of the Baptist Churches in Nova Scotia
The Baptist Magazine, 1829

Rev. T. S. Harding of Nova Scotia
By Rev. J. M. Cramp, D. D., 1855

T. T. Shields
Pastor, Author & Fundamentalist

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The History of the First Baptist Church
Woodstock, Ontario

By R. W. Sawtell, 1892.

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Baptist Year Book of the Maritime Provinces of Canada [The], 1893.

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History of the Baptists of the Maritime Provinces
By Edward M. Saunders, 1902.

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