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First Regular Baptist Church
Vallejo, California
From History of Solano County, California, 1879
      This church was organized on November 21, 1869; a meeting was convened by public notice calling on all those interested in establishing a regular Baptist church in Vallejo, to meet at Red Men’s Hall. The Rev. W. W. Hicks was chosen moderator, and Eben Hilton, clerk. Each of the brethren and sisters herein named presented themselves, and were accepted by each other in unanimous vote of fellowship for the purpose of organizing a gospel church, and being fellow members of the same. W. W. Hickie, Eben Hilton, Ester Hilton, Stephen Hathaway, Elazer Frisbie, H. H. Dwyer, J. C. Voorhees, Anna Case, Sanford Baker, G. W. Morgan and wife.

      On motion of Mr. Frisbe, the Articles of Faith and Church covenant, as given in the Baptist Manual, published by the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia, was read, and by unanimous vote, as follows: pastor, W. W. Hickie, deacons, h. H. Dwyer and Eleazer Frisbie; treasurer, Eben Hilton; clerk, Sanford Baker, was adopted. The Rev. W. W. Hickie continued his labors with the church until June 1st, following, when he abandoned his profession, and public worship was discontinued until December 2, 1870, when the church called the Rev. J. H. Ruby as a successor, and then commenced to hold worship in Farragut Hall; and on June 13, 1871, an unanimous call was extended to Mr. Ruby to become its pastor. He accepted, and continued in that capacity until September 1st, when he resigned. On November 17, 1871, the church called the Rev. E. B. Hatch to its pastorate.

      On January 7, 1872, the American Baptist Home Mission Society having granted material aid towards the building of a suitable house for public worship, a committee was appointed with power to solicit subscriptions for building the same. In November following they reported having received subscriptions enough to warrant the commencement of a proper building, and that General J. B. Frisbie had donated a lot and executed a deed for the purpose; but the piece of ground not being in a desirable locality it was thought best to purchase a plot on Capitol, between Marin and Sonoma streets. A committee to superintend the structure was chosen, and the work begun. On March 1, 1873, the church and lot, which had cost over $4,000, was dedicated to the service of God.

      The Rev. E. B. Hatch continued to be its pastor until February 1, 1876, when, tendering his resignation, it was accepted. On that date the Rev. R. F. Parshall was appointed to the pastorate, and, entered upon the duties on March 26th, he continued to perform them until December 13, 1876, when he resigned.

      The church was without a pastor and public worship until April 1, 1877, when the Rev. T. A. Gill, Chaplain U.S.N., was ordered to the Navy Yard. On his arrival a committee was appointed to wait upon him, with the request that he preach on Sunday mornings, with which petition he cheerfully complied and entered upon his duties for a definite period. Mr. Gill and his wife labored with the church until May 28, 1878, when he was detached from the Yard, thus leaving the church once more without a pastor. At this juncture Rev. Frank B. Rose, U.S.N., Chaplin on board U.S.S. “Pensacola,” volunteered his services and continued them until October 13, when he too left the district. On October 27, 1878, the Rev. E. H. Gray, D.D., was called from Washington, D.C., and he now directs the religious welfare of the First Regular Baptist Church.

      The present membership of the church is sixty-nine, the officers being as follows: Pastor, E. H. Gray; Deacons, H. H. Dwyer, Eleazer Frisbie, and P. E. Jefferies; Treasurer, H. H. Dwyer; Clerk, W. B. Vankirk; Trustees, H. H. Dwyer, Eleazer Frisbie, and P. E. Jefferies, A. Mckannan, and W. B. Vankirk.

      The Sunday School connected with the church was organized February 1, 1870, Henry hall, Superintendent. In June, 1871, J. C. Voorhees was elected in that capacity, and filled it till January 1, 1879, when Mrs. Veeder was appointed and now holds the position.


[From History of Solano County, California, 1879, pp. 209-211. Documents from Google Books On-line. H/T to Terry Wolever. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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