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Some Useful Dates in English History from Benjamin Beddome

     Benjamin Beddome (1717-1795) is a largely forgotten 18th Century English Baptist preacher, remembered today only as a minor hymnwriter. For over half a century he served as pastor of the Baptist church meeting at Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire.

1650s Formed: '50 Welsh Association; '52 Abingdon or Berkshire Assoc; '53 Western Assoc; '55 Midlands Assoc
1677 London Confession
1689 Glorious revolution. Rev & repub: London Confession
1690 Formed: Northern Assoc Re-formed: Midland Assoc
1690s '90-'93 National assemblies '90 Pub: "Keach" Catechism; '91 Spiritual Melody, Keach; '96 Spiritual Songs, Keach '97 First hymns, Stennett

1714 Coronation George I
'17 Birth: BB; Founded: Particular Baptist Fund
'19 Formed: Yorks & Lancs Assoc
'24 Founded: Baptist Board
'27 Moravian revival, Herrnhut
'33/34 Re-formed: Western Assoc
'35 Wesleys converted
'36 Pub: Narrative surprising conversions, Edwards, following revival; Gospel Worthy, Fuller
'38 Whitefield, Wesley begin open air preaching
'40 Great Awakening, America; Pub: Short account Whitefield
'41 Whitefield, Wesley split
'47 Pub: Humble Attempt, Edwards
'48 Pub: Life Brainerd, Edwards
'52 Franklin develops lightning rod

1750s '50 Pub: Evangelical Hymns Wallin; '51 Selection Rippon; '52 Catechism, Benjamin Beddome
'56 Seven years war begins
1760s '60 Pub: Poems, A Steele; '68 Reign of Grace, Booth; '69 1st Baptist Hymn Book Collection, Ash/Evans; Body of Divinity, Gill
'64 Formed: Northampton Assoc
'69 Formed: Norfolk & Suffolk Assoc
'70 Strong Arminian Calvinist controversy among Methodists; Formed: New Connexion & Bristol Education Soc
'71 Cook sails to Pacific
'73 Boston Tea Party
'76 Declaration of Independence; Sutcliff meets Fuller; Catechism, Benjamin Beddome (2nd ed)
'78 Wesley's Arminian Magazine begun
'79 Formed: Kent & Sussex Assoc

1780s '81 Pub: Help for Zion's Travellers, Hall; '84 Humble Attempt English ed (Sutcliff)
'83 Treaty of Paris (Britain accepts American independence)
'84 Northampton Assoc prayer for revival
'86 Others take up idea; Pub: Gospel worthy, Fuller (w '81)
'89 Bastille stormed, French Revolution
'90 Rippon's Baptist Register begun
'92 Formed: "BMS" (Thomas Paine Rights of man)
'93 Carey sails for India (Execution Louis XVI)
'95 Death: Benjamin Beddome
'96 Formed: Essex Assoc (Jenner develops vaccine)


[From Benjamin Beddome website: – via R. L. Vaughn website: - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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