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Principal British Baptist Societies
From Baptist Memorial and Monthly Recorder, 1846

Baptist Missionary Society, formed 1792.

     Object: -- The diffusion, of the knowledge of the religion of Jesus Christ throughout the whole world beyond the British Isles, by the preaching of the Gospel, the translation and publication of the Holy Scriptutes, and the establishment of Schools."

Income, year ending March 31,1845. . .  20,268   6   3  
Expenditure                              23,005   8   6

Baptist Home Missionary Society, formed 1797

     Object, "The Support and Encouragement of Itinerant and Village Preaching."

Income, year ending March 25, 1845. . . 4981    13   8 
Expenditure,                             5072     9   6

Baptist Irish Society, formed 1814.

     Object, "To employ itinerants in Ireland, to establish School, and to distribute Bibles and Tracts either gratuitously or at reduced prices."

Income, year ending April 29, 1845. . . 2516  18  3 
Expenditure,                             3150  13  0

General Baptist Missionary Society, formed 1819.

Income, year ending June 30, 1845. . .  2285  17  0 
Expenditure,                             3396  11  1

Baptist Fund, formed 1717.

     Objects: "For the relief of ministers and churches of the Particular Baptist Denomination in England and Wales; the education of young persons of the same persuasion for the ministry; donations of books to young students and ministers; and for any other charitable purpose (consistent with the general design) which the managers shall approve."

Income, year ending March 1, 1845. . .  2632  9  11 
Expenditure,                             2442 13   1

Baptist Building Fund, formed 1824.

     Object, The assistance of congregations of the Particular Baptist Denomination in defraying the expenses of the building, repair, and enlargement of places of worship; after due examination of the propriety of the expenditure, the correctness of the Trust Deeds, and other particulars, showing that the case is deserving of approbation and aid.

Income, year ending September, 1845. . . 629 
Expenditure,                              629

Bible Translation Society, formed 1840.

     Object, "To aid in pririting and circulating those translations of the Holy Scriptures, from which the British and Foreign Bible Society has withdrawn its assistance on the ground that the words relating to the ordinance of baptism have been translated by terms signifying immersion; and further to aid in producing and circulating other versions of the word of God, similarly faithful and complete."

Income, year ending March 31; 1845. . . 2497  3  1 
Expenditure                              254   2  7

Baptist Union, formed 1813.

     Objects "1st. To extend brotherly love and union among those Baptist Ministers and Churches who agree in the sentiments usually denominated evangelical. 2nd. To promote unity of exertion in whateyer may best serve the cause of Christ in general, and the interests of the Baptist Denomination in particular. 3rd. To obtain accurate statistical information relative to Baptist Churches, Societies, Institutions, Colleges, &c., throughout the kingdom and the world at large. 4th. To prepare for circulation an Annual Report of the proceedings of the Union, and of the state of the denomination."

Income, year ending March 31, 1845. . .  141  14  2 
Expenditure,                              117  19  4

Bath Society for Aged Ministers, formed 1816.

     Object, The relief of those Baptist Ministers who have become Beneficiary Members in conformity with the rules, when they appear to be permanently incapacitated for pastoral or ministerial duties by reason of age or infirmity.

Income, year ending June 24,1845. . .    423  6  6 
Expenditure,                              269  6  6 
Capital, 4600  new 3   per cent. Stock, and 500  3 per cent. Consols. 
Claimants receiving aid...                                    24 
Number of Beneficiary Members...                             124

Baptist Magazine, commenced 1809.

     Profits: "The Profits arising from the sale of this work are given to the Widows of Baptist Ministers, at the recommendation of the contributors.
Grants for the year ending July 5, 1845. . . 196
Grants to Widows from the commencement to Midsummer last. 5208


[From Baptist Memorial and Monthly Records, 1846, pp. 48-49. jrd]

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