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Joseph Ivimey
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

     Joseph Ivimey was born at Ringwood, Hampshire, England, May 22, 1773. When a youth he was convicted of sin, and a gospel hope first entered his heart through the stanza,--

"In the world of endless ruin
It shall never once be said,
There's a soul that perished suing
For the Saviour's promised aid."

     This hope was soon after confirmed, so that he could regard the Saviour as his. He was baptized Sept. 16, 1790. He was ordained pastor of the Eagle Street church, Red Lion Square, London, Jan. 16, 1805. His labors were attended with great success. He was gifted with much energy, with an unusual power of gaining and keeping information, and with fearless faithfulness in proclaiming the whole truth of God. He had the happiness of baptizing his own father and mother. His father was seventy years of age at the time of his immersion, and only partook of the Lord's Supper once after he was received into the church.

     Mr. Ivimey wrote a life of John Bunyan, which enjoyed considerable popularity, and "A History of the English Baptists," in four octavo volumes, the last two of which were published in 1830. This history is invaluable. It is only seldom for sale, and when it can be purchased it is held at a high price. He was also the author of other works.

     Mr. Ivimey closed his useful life Feb. 8, 1834. A little before his departure he said, --

"Not a wave of trouble rolls
Across my peaceful breast."


[From William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881; reprint, 1988, p. 588. - Scanned by Jim Duvall.]

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