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Circular Letters from the British Baptist Associations. - 1840.
[The authors and subjects from various Baptist Associations are listed.]

BRISTOL - On the Best Means of Preserving the mind from the Prevailing Errors of the present Times; by R. Aitchison

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - On Mistakes in dealing with Sinners; by D. Ives.

GLAMORGANSHIRE - On Family Devotion; by D. Jones.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, &c. - On Speaking the Truth in love; by G. Stonehouse.

LANCASHIRE - On the objects and resources of the Lancashire and Cheshire Baptist Association; by D. Marsh.

MIDI.AND. - On the Doctrine of Human Responsibility; by J. Blakeman.

MONMOUTHSHIRE - On Christian Fidelity; by F. Hiley.

SOUTHERN - On the present aspect of the World, with the qualifications required on the part of the Church; by C. Room.

SOUTH-WESTERN - On Duties to the Church and to the World; by D. Davies.

WESTERN - On the Obligation of Christian Churches to aid in Missionary Effort; by H. Trend.

WEST KENT and SUSSEX - On Christian Union; by R. Grace.

WORCESTERSHIRE - Extracts from the Letters of the churches; by W. Cherry.

      The letters from the other Associations have not yet come to hand.


[From The Baptist Missionary Magazine, 1840, Volume XXXII, p. 472. Document from Google Books On-line. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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