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Tiverton Baptist Church
From Early English Baptists
By Benjamin Evans

      The present pastor of Tiverton says: - "We have no doubt that the Baptist Church in Tiverton existed very early in 1600, or even before, but we have no positive evidence. Our second church-book begins with 1678, and at that time the church consisted of 120 members, nearly 60 of them men. The following is the heading of the second church-book: - 'A record or register of the Church of Christ in Tiverton, and of the affairs and proceedings thereof, since, by the mercy and providence of God, we have the enjoyment of liberty and peace, in the year 1687. Our former book, containing matters of this nature, being lost in the late time of trouble.'"

[From Benjamin Evans, Early English Baptists, Volume II, London, 1864, page 26 fn.

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