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Saline Baptist Association, Dallas County, Arkansas
Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1849
      We have received the Minutes of the 12th Annual Meeting of the Saline Baptist Association, Dallas co., Ark. 1848. Elder J. C. Perkins, Moderator. Asbury Daniel, Clerk. Introductory sermon by Elder G. W. Baines.

      Baptized last year 153. Churches 31. Ordained Ministers 16. Licentiates 6. Whole No. 1071. Gain 154. Next meeting to be held with the Philadelphia Church, Saline co., Sabbath before the 4th Sabbath in Sept. next.

      We notice that this body in a Resolution, recommends the Tennessee Baptist and the Baptist Chronicle to the patronage of the denomination.

      We hope the clerks of associations in the South will send in their Minutes, at our expense, and we will send them a copy of the Southern Annual Register.


[From Tennessee Baptist newspaper, February 1, 1849. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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