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Baptist History: From the Foundation of the Christian Church . . .
By J. M. Cramp, 1871

Introductory Notice
By Joseph Angus

      THOUGH I have undertaken to say a few words on behalf of this volume of Dr. Cramp's, it really needs no introduction. He himself is well known in both hemispheres, and has laboured in both. He has been a student of ecclesiastical history from his youth. Nor has he studied in vain. His work on the Council of Trent is still a standard book on all questions connected with the doctrines and policy of the Church of Rome. His candour and intelligence, his love of good men, and appreciation of great principles, have won the esteem and affection of all who know him. These qualities will be found to distinguish the volume which is now introduced for the first time to English readers.

      Though there are Histories of "English Baptists," of "Foreign Baptists," and of "American Baptists," there is no volume in which the history of all is given in a condensed and interesting form. The history of Baptism in the Early Church and in the Middle Ages is still probably to be written, but the reader will find a fuller and more satisfactory account in these pages than anywhere besides.

      The volume deserves and will repay careful study, and I very heartily commend it.
Joseph Angus
Regents Park College, London [now Oxford]

Baptist History: From the Foundation of the Christian Church to . . . , 1871.

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