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A Receipe to Make an Anabaptist Preacher in Two Days Time
[This appeared in the Virginia Gazette, October 31, 1771]

     Take the herbs of hypocracy and ambition, of each an handful, of the spirit of pride two drams, of the seed of dissention and discord one ounce, of the flower of formality three scruples, of the roots of stubbornness and obstinancy four pounds; and bruise them altogether in the mortar of vain glory, with the pestle of contradiction, putting amongst them one pint of the spirit of self-conceitedness. When it is luke-warm, let the dissenting Brother take two or three spoonfuls of it, morning and evening before exercise; and while his mouth is full of the elestuary he will make a wry face, wink with his eyes, and squeeze out some tears of dissimulation. Then let him speak as the spirit of giddiness gives him utterance. This will make the schismatick endeavor to maintain his doctrine, wound the church, delude the people, justify their proceedings of illusions, foment rebellion, and call it by the name of liberty of conscience.

[From L. P. Little, Imprisoned Preachers and Religious Liberty in Virginia, 1938, pp. 233-4. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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