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From The Baptist Argus, 1905
The eighty-fourth annual session of the Alabama Baptist State Convention was held with the church in Sheffeld July 21-24, and it was in many respects an ideal meeting. The attendance was large at every session, and interest was unusually well sustained. Contrary to the usual custom, the messengers and many visitors remained to the closing session on Monday.

There was a unanimous belief that the officers who had served so faithfully in the past should be re-elected, and it took but a very few minutes to instruct the secretary to cast one ballot for that purpose. Hon. G. L. Comer, of Eufaula, was made president, Hon. R. E. Pettus of Huntsville, and Rev. B. H. Crumpton, vice-presidents, and Rev. M. M. Wood, secretary. Brother W. A. Davis, after twenty years of continuous service, asked the Convention to relieve him of the office and duties of secretary, which they reluctantly did, after tendering him a rising vote of thanks for his long and faithful labor during so many years.

Pastor A. J. Miller welcomed with graceful and tender words, not only the members of the Convention, but the secretaries of the boards and members of the press as well. In the loving service of entertainment, the ‘tri-cities’ of Florence, Sheffield and Tuscumbia united heartily and tried to outdo each other in hospitality. Seldom has a Convention four such hosts as Pastors Tandy, Jones, Miller and Colley.

Corresponding Secretary Crumpton made a most gratifying report, showing the largest contributions to missions ever made by Alabama Baptists. They are rapidly bringing all their churches into regular and systematic giving, and agreed to attempt to raise largely increased amounts during the coming year.

Educational interests had not lagged, as the reports on Howard and Judson Colleges showed. Both had been full to the point of overflowing during the past sessions, and extension of their facilities seemed imperative. Twenty-five thousand dollars has been to the Howard on condition that the Baptists of Alabama raise $75,000 more, and on motion of Rev. L. O. Dawson it was resolved to accept the offer and take steps to raise that amount at once. President A. P. Montague made a strong appeal for funds for immediate use, and secured pledges for $4,000 of the $6,000 needed. President R. G. Patrick and several others spoke in the interest of Judson College, and promised to wait until Howard could get its much-needed endowment before pressing its claims and needs.

Dr. Willingham, Dr. Frost, Dr. Barton and Mountain School Secretary A. E. Brown spoke on the work especially committed to them and had a sympathetic hearing.

Dr. Geo. B. Eager represented the Seminary as only he can.

The next session will be held with the church at Talladega, July 18, 1906.


On the day before the Convention opened, the Ministers' Meeting held a good session, at which some hundred or more preachers and many laymen were present. Several good papers were read and some good discussions followed. Dr. J. P. Shaffer was made president, and Rev. T. M. secretary.

The Convention sermon was preached by Rev. C. G. Pugh, from 1 Corinthians 1:30. It was a strong and helpful discourse.

The Convention made a thank offering to the church at Sheffield to help them along with a burdensome debt. Nearly $500 was pledged and it ought to have been more. The Sheffield saints have made a gallant fight to finish their new building, and richly deserve help and sympathy. They have a great future before them, and occupy an important point.
* * *

The Argus representative spent several days before and during the Convention in the delightful home of Pastor R. H. Tandy, of Florence. It was his privilege to preach for him in the morning of the Sunday before the Convention, and for Pastor J. B. Jones, of East Florence, at night, also to preach an ordination sermon at the latter church on the Tuesday night following. Both these pastors are ex-Kentuckians, and are doing excellent work, with the help and co-operation of the loyal membership of their churches.
H. E. C.

[From The Baptist Argus, August 3, 1905, p. 16; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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