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Alabama Baptist Colored University
Selma, AL
The Baptist Home Mission Monthly, 1906

     The twenty-ninth annual session of this institution began Tuesday morning, Oct. 2d, under the most favorable conditions in its history. Anticipating an opening of unusual interest, friends from the city, including nearly all the pastors of all the denominations represented in Selma, gave their presence. Rev. Wm. Madison, of Uniontown, a member of the Board of Trustees, and C. M. Wells, D.D., of Montgomery, Superintendent of Missions for Alabama, came to encourage the president, faculty and students by their presence. The opening of the institution came the week following that in which occurred one of the most severe storms, covering several days, Alabama has ever known. This, it was thought, would greatly hinder the coming of students, owing to the excessive damage to crops; but students came in larger numbers than ever before. In less than one week the enrolment is about 500, and still they are coming; so that in a few days more we will have to refuse any further application to board in the dormitories.

     After the usual devotional exercises conducted by Rev. S. T. Clanton, D.D., of the theological department, assisted by Rev. S. F. Kingston, President R. T. Pollard spoke, welcoming teachers, students and visitors. Most inspiring addresses were delivered by Rev. J. A. Matin, of the Green Street Church; Rev. L. W. Galloway, State Summer School Missionary; Rev. Win. Madison, of Uniontown; Rev. H. C. Frederick, Presiding Elder C. M. E. Church; Rev. J. W. Martin, of the Methodist Church; Rev. C. M. Wells, Superintendent of Missions; Rev. S. F. Kingston, of the Presbyterian Church; Rev. L. P. Foster, State Missionary; Mrs. L. L. Burwell, Treasurer Women's Baptist State Convention; Mrs. R. T. Pollard, wife of President Pollard and State Organizer for Women's Federation of Alabama; Mr. Haynes, of Atlanta, representing the Y. M. C. A., and President J. M. Henderson, D.D., of Payne University. Miss Atlanta L. Brown, of Fredericksburg, Va.; Miss Leila B. Gilbert, of Chicago, and Miss Bessie L. C. Gulley, a former graduate of this institution and recently a graduate of Denison University, are new additions to the faculty. They were presented by the president and spoke to the delight of all.

     We begin work, I am glad to say, under the most encouraging conditions, except that the way is dark when we raise the question from what source may we secure money to meet our many needs? If ever we needed the help of those interested in Christian education, we need it now.

R. T. Pollard, President.

[From The Baptist Home Mission Monthly, Volumes 27-28, 1905-06, p. 416. Document from Google Books. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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