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Documents Posted in January, 2009
Immersion Essential to Christian Baptism
by John A. Broadus
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A Response to Errors on Landmarkism
Landmark Southern Baptist Weblog
By Ben Stratton, January, 20, 2009

Rev. Alvin Peter Williams, D. D.
Early Missouri Frontier Baptist Minister

History of the Churches of Boone's Creek
Baptist Association of Kentucky

By S. J. Conkwright, 1923
New Info added, 1.19.09

Rev. James Ely Welch
Frontier Missouri Baptist Missionary
By R. P. Rider, A. M.

The Early History of the Iowa Baptists
By David Benedict, 1848

Early Baptist Church Histories
Salt River Association, Missouri, 1909

Members of Forks of Gunpowder Baptist Church
Boone Co., Kentucky, 1825-1897

By Stephen W. Worrel

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